A Year in Blog: A Look Back at 2013

No, I did not get published in 2013, but that doesn’t mean that exciting things did not happen in the ever-evolving writing world that is documented here on The Sunflower’s Scribbles.

For one thing, in January, I decided that whatever number of posts I ended up with that month would be the number of posts I would aim for every month for the rest of the year. And I succeeded–eight posts every month. I’m not sure that I’ll necessarily keep up that pace in 2014, but we’ll see.

I think 2013 is the year that this blog grew up. I feel like my posts became better and certainly more thought-out. I’m really grateful and thrilled for the followers and the comments! Writing can be a lonely thing sometimes, especially when the people around you don’t write, so the connections one gains through the Internet is truly invaluable. But I hope Blogger figures out how to let Apple tablet and iPhone users leave comments on the blog, too. And that more readers would, like, actually leave comments. Even on really old posts. It would make me incandescently happy. *ahem*

I won a Blogging Award.

I participated in a blog hop and a blog chain this year.

I read a lot of books in 2013, probably more than I’ve actually read in the previous two years because of my newest toy, my Kindle.

I saw 3 plays, 1 musical, went to a cabaret show at 54 Below, a dance show that my friend was in, 3 concerts and a Yankee game in 2013.

In terms of fiction writing, I completed the third draft of the WIP (yay!), edited it, sent it to a beta (the first time I’ve really ever had someone I don’t know read my work, besides college), then realized that it was going to need a lot of thought, research, and shaping to get it up to where it is in my head. I’m in the middle of finishing up some reading for the book, as well as scribbling down ideas and outlines in an actual notebook before I dive into the fourth draft. I know I need to be precise about the plot and characters this time around. But–since it’s a 4th draft–I doubt that the actual writing will take as long as the past three drafts have taken.

Also, I wrote a NaNo novel this year. It was amazing to have a new idea taking shape in my imagination. I tried my hand at writing two short plays, too. I think one of them might have some possibilities as a novel if I can get through this upcoming 4th draft without losing my mind.

I discovered that I actually do have the patience to outline, too.

So here’s to 2014! Happy New Year everyone!

6 thoughts on “A Year in Blog: A Look Back at 2013

  1. I'm excited about next year. ^_^I should do this. Right now this year is looking like a bust, but I bet if I looked at everything together it wouldn't be so bad. :)Cheers to an even better 2014!


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