A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder & Other Points

Point the first: Pete Seeger died yesterday, at age 94. He was a folk singer, performing all the way back from the 1930s, was a friend of Woody Guthrie's, wrote tons of songs, including "Turn Turn Turn." He adapted "We Shall Overcome" into the civil rights anthem we know today. In addition, Seeger sang and … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder & Other Points

My Little Notebook Outline

This week, in addition to joining Goodreads and getting four episodes into Orphan Black (Tatiana Maslany is amazing, playing all those clones) and...oh yeah, turning 23 for the sixth time...I thought I'd give you guys a little peek into the outlining process I'm using for the draft four.I don't need characters sheets. I don't want to … Continue reading My Little Notebook Outline