The Frustration of Small Feet

My college roommate is getting married in June (yay!) and I’m a bridesmaid (double yay). The bride has decided what to do for bridesmaids’ attire (we get to pick our own dresses, within parameters, of course. So exciting!). And though I have time to choose a dress–and more of that type will come out as the weather warms up, the shoe hunt has begun pretty much now.

This isn’t because I like shoes. In fact, I prefer to pad about barefoot. It’s more comfortable for my pigeon-toed feet and my bum right ankle. Also, my feet are a size four and a half. That’s right. 4.5, US size. Up until a couple of years ago, I was buying sandals in the kids department. I still could, probably.

Sneakers aren’t usually a problem to find, but dress shoes? Whew. Nearly impossible. And I say “nearly,” because there is a speciality shoe store where I procured a couple of pairs of “grown up shoes” that I wear to work and whenever I want to look taller.

Which, when you’re 4’11”, is a lot of the time.

I just want a pair (or two) of decently adult-looking shoes that aren’t a trial to walk around in. I was not blessed with feet that like shoes either, so they have to be reasonably comfortable.

Really, feet? Just another half an inch?

4 thoughts on “The Frustration of Small Feet

  1. Wow! Really. Yeah, I'm 5'3 with the feet of someone taller. In fact, they've grown since I've been working retail! Boo. My feet are a bit anti-shoe, too. I'm pretty much stuck with tennis shoes (which I hate) and ballet flats (which don't like to be stood up in all day.) Good luck with the shoe hunt!


  2. I can do a size 5 when I have to, but size 5 in a possibly heel-like sandal is not a good idea for the ankle that likes to twist, y' know? I wish I could figure out how to walk in heels taller than 2\”, but that ain't going to happen, so on the hunt I go.


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