30 Books a Year

One of my college friends, Jess, has been posting on Facebook about her reading challenge for 2014: a book a week. She keeps track on Goodreads. Now, I’m pretty good at remembering what I read, but I’ve never kept track of what I read through a year. I tend to start books, put them down for two months, finish them, start another book and race through that, etc.

Well, Jess kind of inspired me to challenge myself to read 30 books this year (I can’t do a book a week with my erratic work schedule, plus looming revisions). I’m sure that I haven’t read 30 books a year in the past couple of  years…I’ve been busy writing books.

But this year, I’d like to try to read more and to read more widely, too. So, here’s my 2014 reading page. I’ve finished two books in 2014 so far.

I am setting a couple of parameters. Books I’m reading specifically as research for the novel will not be counted in the 30.

Let’s see how well I keep up once I start writing again, right?

Edited to add: I upped this to 40. There are too many books I want to read.

6 thoughts on “30 Books a Year

  1. Ooh, good luck with this! My reading has slacked lately. I've been needing to put a serious dent in my reading list for a while now. Maybe your success will inspire me to stop being so lazy. ^_^


  2. I don't have reading goals, but I consider reading important, so when I started my blog I created a page for what I was reading. My only rule is that I don't add a title till I've read the book to its end–books I quit on or only scan for research information don't get listed. Making the list has made me much more aware of how much I read.


  3. I think it's kind of fun to see what you read through the course of a year, right? Your interests may change or, in my case, I start reading books on different historic periods because I become interested in them. So far, for my Goodreads lists, I decided not to list books I'm reading for research and, of course, to not list the books until I've finished them. I'm at 3 read, so far.


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