NaNo ’13: Completed & Special Features

So, as I posted last week or so, I finished the NaNo 2013 project. If you care to read it, here’s a link to its home on GoogleDocs. Fair warning: it was uploaded so it might not save your place as you’re reading. Also, the story has links within the text because I basically spent November watching far too many Broadway show vlogs on YouTube as “research.”

While I was writing the story back in November, I also had a playlist on my iTunes. I tend to do a playlist with most of the stories I write. This is the one I assembled for this particular story:

Links lead to YouTube vids.

1. Storm by Tim Minchin
2. Hush Hush by Pistol Annies
3. Family Feud by Pistol Annies
4. Naughty from Matilda The Musical
5. Scars by Allison Iraheta
6. Inventing Shadows by Dia Frampton
7. Run Away With Me by Aaron Tveit
8. Not Perfect by Tim Minchin
9. Millionaires by The Script
10. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift with Ed Sheeran
11. Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves

Also, since the story takes place in contemporary New York City and I was throwing in different places I’ve been to in recent years, I made a Google Map with some of the places mentioned.

Is it wrong that I kind of actually want to write Anastasia’s Revenge?

2 thoughts on “NaNo ’13: Completed & Special Features

  1. Very cool!I do love the opening to your story. It's hilarious, but we've all been there you know so I can really feel the annoyance.I'm thinking about doing something like this if I ever get my high fantasy straightened out, putting it online so people can read my toil. πŸ™‚


  2. I put it up so my friend could read it and I had the map done anyway, so figured I'd post it. This story's beginning is one of my favorites of mine, actually. Emma's annoyed. Colin's annoyed. He notices her because she looks annoyed and pissed. I thought it was far more original than him noticing her because she's smiling and happy πŸ˜‰


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