More Downton Abbey Predictions, Season 5 edition

Season Four of Downton Abbey has ended here in the U.S. and the cast and crew are back to work on the next season now.

Which, naturally, has me thinking of what might happen come Season 5. Here is some early Season 5 casting news.

So, Downton fans, what do you think will happen next season? Obviously contains spoilers for season 4 below.

1) I want the love quadrangle upstairs between Lady Mary, Lord Gillingham, Charles Blake, and Evelyn Napier to be resolved somehow. I mean, a proposal and professions of love will do me–I don’t need to see them married or anything. Anybody have a clear favorite among Mary’s suitors? Mine is Charles Blake. I want him and Lady Mary together.

Plus, I’d like Julian Ovenden to somehow burst into song next season. Just sayin’.

Charles Blake. From Downton Abbey Wiki.

2) Edith’s baby. OMG. I think Mary or Tom, in their capacities as the estate’s owner/agent, figure out that the Drewes’ new child is really Edith’s first. Anyone want to venture to guess on the family’s reactions? Or what the baby’s name will be? And I hope Michael Gregson returns. One of the new babies on this show should have two living parents, no?

3) I want Anna and Mr. Bates to have a baby! And then angst about whether Anna can keep working ensues. Also, Mr. Bates is totally a murderer. I wonder if Lord Gillingham will ever question Mary further on why she asked him to fire Green just days before he was killed.

4) Can Tom Branson please get a nice, kind, funny woman who a) doesn’t ply him with drink and b) isn’t f!@#$%n’ annoying, please? Also, can he become a little involved in politics?

5) Will Rose finally get into an escapade bad enough to summon her father back from India? Or is he back because his post has ended? And is his wife with him?

6) Oh, Thomas. You have a secret on Miss Baxter. So what is it? Does she have a criminal record? Does she have a bastard child somewhere? Was she involved in the black market?

7) Lady Anstruther shows up in the next season at some point. ‘Bye, ‘bye Jimmy?

8) So, Isobel: Lord Merton or Dr. Clarkson?

9) I want to meet Lord Gillingham’s former fiancee, Mabel Lane Fox.

10) The Dowager has a plethora of new snarkiness.

6 thoughts on “More Downton Abbey Predictions, Season 5 edition

  1. Oklahoma!! He totally needs to sing. They can find a reason I'm sure. ^_^I want to do something like this. Maybe it would keep me from getting so behind on everything. Took me 7 months to watch the last season of Game of Thrones. That was ridiculous, I'm usually only 3 months behind. I think was debating about whether or not I was going to keep watching it. Curiosity always wins.


  2. I hope they do find a reason. His character doesn't really seem like the musical type, but who knows?I still haven't started Game of Thrones lol. I finished season 1 of Orphan Black, though. I think I like my TV on DVD instead, so I can zip through them. I've gotten bored waiting for the next episode of a in-real-time TV show.


  3. It took me a while to warm up to Charles Blake because I was still pissed at the character Julian Ovenden played in Foyle. Irrational, I know, but there you have it. I'm rooting for him now though. Evelyn Napier is a non-starter, and Tony Gillingham is too nice. Mary needs someone with more backbone. I thought Maggie Smith was leaving the series, so I'm surprised to see her listed for next season. I half wonder if she'll have another bout of bronchitis turned pneumonia to knock her off. I want Gregson to return too but I find it hard to imagine how he could. Unless he's in a coma somewhere after his run-in with the brown shirts.


  4. I've only seen a few eps of Foyle's War here and there. It's on Netflix, though, so I might check out more. I think Tony Gillingham is too eager to please for Mary and also one of those aristocrats that Blake mentions as not really fighting hard enough for his estate. I'm not sure how Gregson would return but then again, this is the series that had Matthew standing after being paralyzed for two episodes.


  5. Not to mention having him missing in battle and then walking into the middle of a benefit concert. This show has it's share of contrivances and coincidences. Foyle's War is wonderful, start to finish.


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