I’m Not Moving: Now On Fanfiction.net

I wrote fanfiction as a teenager and never posted it. And thank God I didn’t, ’cause that stuff was awful.

I wrote a short little fanfiction story in, like, 2012 and though I posted it on this blog and you can totally read it should you feel like trawling the tags…

I just posted it on Fanfiction.net

Why? Why not?

Here’s the link:

I’m Not Moving

I can’t say it’s exactly a serious writing attempt–not like the novel–but I’m tired of not having readers of some kind lol

Don’t expect this to become a habit. This is the only completed fanfiction that didn’t veer into Men I’ve Google-Stalked I’ve ever written.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Moving: Now On Fanfiction.net

  1. Brave. ^_^ I met up with some NaNoWriMo people once and they got into an in-depth conversation about Fanfiction.net and how much they like it. I don't remember where I used all that fanfiction I read back in the day. I've never seen Once, so I can't say I get the story, but I like it, especially the first part.


  2. I remember a couple of shoddy Geocities websites back in the day. Sometimes I find stuff on Tumblr now and Archive of Our Own now, when I feel like switching my brain off. Once is pretty simple–takes place in Dublin. Guy is a street musician, broken hearted after his gf leaves him. Girl is a Czech immigrant living with her mother and daughter. He's ready to give up on music. She convinces him to keep at it.


  3. Hi Rei! I have been through many a fanfiction phase. Most of it was never published, but I'm sure there are still some stories out there under my penname on FFnet. I like fanfics, they're a good way to get the inspirational juices flowing! Thanks for sharing the link. I'll check it out now.


  4. Nothing wrong with getting your work put out there. It's the first step to opening yourself up, which is actually what one must do to eliminate any inhibitions. Inhibitions is what keeps our real serious stuff in check, and it doesn't need to be. 🙂


  5. My old fanfic lurks in some corners of the internet. I like to think I've improved with the new fanfic. ;)I haven't seen Once yet, though I see commercials for the musical all of the time. Someday!


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