Throwback Thursday

In shuffling around the email that connects to this blog, I went through the blog tab I have in one of my emails to send to the new email address.

When I started this blog I didn’t open it to the public until about two years in and for whatever reason, my friends, who were my first readers in terms of stories and the blog, didn’t quite seem to understand the comments feature. 😉

They would hit reply on my posts and send me comments that way, something that I didn’t appreciate at the time. Anyway, in looking through them and forwarding them to myself (that feels so weird to say), I kept the ones that touched me or made me laugh.

Here are a few of them, with the corresponding post it relates to. Names are not mentioned to protect my shadowy friends. I officially–and publicly–want to thank them all for their ideas and encouragement over the years. Remember, this was before I joined AW and started making online writing buddies.

I wonder how many of them recognize their own words. Enjoy!

That time I was wondering about Pacing!

When I feel like my story is running along faster than it should, I go back to each chapter and try find places where I summarized things instead of writing it. You know, the “Their relationship grew as the days passed and by the time the first fall leaves had fallen, he found he couldn’t stand to be apart from her for more than the passing of one sunset.” Excuse my purple prose. 😉 But that sort of thing can be expanded into pages and pages of watching them fall in love (maybe even chapters if you’re that good!).

As for POV in chapters, it depends on the story and your level of anal retention. LoL.

In response to this

You should be writing a weekly column for the Daily News or something. This blog is so compelling. When I read them, I read them start to finish. 


If you insist on making Twilight references, I’ll watch the crappy movie. But only because I love you that much.

When I got a really intense critique from the Emily Contest in 2010:

This is really exciting! Even though we didn’t get the most desired outcome, you got some really amazing feedback. Really constructive and honest and clear.

Awesome. I totally enjoyed reading the comments.

That must feel great to get that kind of constructive feedback. And I laughed at the “excellent” high grammar/punctuation score. Not surprised. You anal editor you.

I posted a link to a post on ethnic diversity in historical romance. One of my friends replied:

I guess what gets me so angry is this invalidation of people of color. Apparently we don’t read so we don’t need to be in books and of course we didn’t exist back then in any notable way so we’re not worth mentioning. Very nice. Way to send a message that people of color are valued, relevant members of society. The suble ways that people perpetuate privilege and racism really makes my skin crawl. Some bitch actually said something about the purity of the regency novel! What is she, a clan leader??!!

Or that time I put an essay into a Writer’s Digest contest:
Awww. That’s so adorable a whole essay about the Buharian houses. A very, very good use of your collecting angst. My favorite line: But the pink houses I glimpsed in the middle of blocks were worse than the ones on the corners. The house burst out of its allotted property like muscle-bound biceps bulging out of a tight shirt, the surrounding walls squishing the house’s neighbors. Good luck on the contest. Btw, when you win will they fly you from NYC to NYC? Like a helicopter from Queens to Manhattan.  😀

Or when I wrote a letter to Buzzy:
Lol. Alright, this one is officially my favorite post ever!

When I posted some of the 2010 NaNo project:
Me: For some reason, the detail of her not having visible ears pleased me hugely. Dunno what that says about me.

Friend: Me too. I think it means we’re a little screwed up in the head. 😀

In response to Henry VIII’s face from the same painting on three different book covers: 

Hey you, 

I was thinking the same exact thing about the henry painting.

In fact, three people in this office just stopped working for a whole 10 mins and we googled pictures of henry the viii. Why do you make us less productive so?

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. They were on the last page of the blog tab,so I hadn't read them in a long time and I was surprised by how insightful and funny a lot of them were. My friends are a funny bunch 🙂


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