End of Part One

I finished what I’m calling “part one” of my fourth draft today. When I wrote the outline, I broke the story up into parts to aid me in seeing how the story’s structure worked–since I have issues with constructing plots. The actual book won’t be broken up into parts, though.

Still, Part One this time around is largely new stuff. And to make this new stuff good and write it and develop it as deeply as I’ve developed and written the bits that come later took a while.

Part One stats:

Eleven chapters
73 pages
20,005 words

The first line of Part One (and thus of the entire book) is for now:
Miles Keegan sat upon the dappled grey gelding, watching one of the slaves hold a large, flaming torch high.

The last line of Part One is:
After a moment, Miss Mady’s head dropped onto Pearl’s shoulder and the girl’s warm tears sopped Pearl’s coarse dress. 

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