The (Insert Occupation)’s (Female Relative): Novel titles

I'm pretty bad at titling, but one title trend I sort of jumped on with my last working title for the WIP was the now-cliched The (Occupation)'s Daughter trend. When I realized that the original working title was no longer adequate, I started calling the WIP The Sailor's Daughters simply because I'd seen the trend … Continue reading The (Insert Occupation)’s (Female Relative): Novel titles

Now on Pinterest

Hey everyone,A short little post to say that I joined Pinterest the other day, for some inexplicable reason. Actually, it's because I wanted a place not on my laptop to collect what I call Pretty Writer Quotes. You know, those meme things you see all overz the internets. This is me: SunflowerscribsA little inspiration will take me … Continue reading Now on Pinterest

To a Future Writer:

NaNoWriMo has been retweeting these incredible tweets with the hashtag #ToAFutureWriter today. Details at NaNoWriMo.orgThese are the bits of advice I wish I'd heard as a younger writer...and some advice and experience I think young writers might need in the future, including Future Me.Grab some popcorn. It'll be wacky and long. Or it may make … Continue reading To a Future Writer: