New Hampshire

Haunted Lake, New Hampshire

As many of you know, I went away for the weekend because I was a bridesmaid in my old college roommate’s wedding. Katie and I met on freshmen move-in day for Emerson College in August 2004 and have been friends ever since. We don’t see each other all that often since we live in different states, yet we remain in a fairly constant stream of communication—texts, emails, lots of Facebook. Ah, the miracles of modern technology.

I haven’t been on many vacations since the start of this blog due mostly to lack of funds or lack of ideas of places to go, but Katie’s from New Hampshire and that’s where her wedding was, so up to NH I went.

Live Free or Die, y’all. Which apparently extends to lack of sales tax (yay!) and lack of cell phone-in-car regulations (boo).

New Hampshire is gorgeous. Lots of nature everywhere. In the few days I was there, I saw several hummingbirds, a chipmunk, a wild turkey, and heard frogs peeping (I didn’t know frogs made noises beyond ribbit) and since Katie was married in an outdoor ceremony on a farm, I also saw cows, llamas, chickens (who might be in some of the wedding photos), and rabbits.

We also saw three rainbows on three consecutive days, including the wedding day. Here’s the one we saw on the way to our bachelorette dinner.

While I was there in New Hampshire, enjoying my time, making friends with the other bridesmaids who were all so cool and funny and awesome, catching up with Katie, her parents, and her sister who I hadn’t seen in ages, helping Katie with stuff (“Don’t forget the marriage license, Katie!”), of course, the Writer Brain was ticking away.

There’s a lake in New Hampshire called Haunted Lake. Apparently, there are several stories of why it was called that—dead bodies, fires along the lake’s shore, weird moans and groans. Made me think about my fantasy/horror writer friends.

The place where we held our bachelorette night had abandoned houses that hadn’t been renovated yet. Could they be a good setting for a ghost story?

On several drives around New Hampshire, we passed through many small towns which seemed to have plaques and statues in their town squares. I saw one somewhere that said 1777. I mean, yes, New York City was settled and history tells us that we had our own stories to tell around that same year, but NYC doesn’t have a lot of things left from that time period.

Plus, I’m now a wee bit obsessed with this show on AMC called TURN, which is about a spy ring in New York during the Revolutionary War. Maybe that time period will be the next historical.

I saw this on Twitter and thought it totally apropos. Us writers, we tuck away all our experiences–and the experiences of those we know–into our brains and heave them back onto our laptops when needed.

Refreshed and ready to get back into my WIP and so, so happy for Katie and Paolo!


10 thoughts on “New Hampshire

  1. I visited New Hampshire and loved it too. And yes, as writers, we do file away our experiences to use at another time. πŸ™‚


  2. Omg, it's so green there! And that lake! So beautiful, plus an interesting story? It's perfect.Glad to see you back! And super glad you had a good time! ^_^ Your subconscious is probably kicking up something awesome right now.


  3. Hiya! Yeah, you know there has to be a story when a place is called Haunted Lake. I'm ready to dive into my WIP again with refreshed eyes. They were about to arrive in their new country after a trip, so it's kind of perfect πŸ™‚


  4. oh-em-gee what an amazing and creepy and historical place! Makes me wanna go. ;PI'm glad you had such a great time, and congrats to them! I went to a friend's wedding in the beginning of May up in Malibu ad the ranch was freakin' gorgeous! So magical and princess-like. But all the roads to get there were a bit creepy — kind of reminds me of your vacation.I love that pic! Haha. ❀


  5. It was so green and beautiful. I hear that the fall foliage is gorgeous, too. All those trees turning colors. But yeah, I'm a city girl, so while it's amazing to visit, living there might be a different story. Though I guess that's why so many writers are from New England? Writer brain—you know it's true!


  6. Writers on vacation cartoon is sooooo true! LOLI am constantly thinking about my characters and the next thing to blog about, even while on vacation. Heck, vacation IS something to write about.


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