My Two Identities

First off, I have two identities…

1. I don’t intend to publish under my real first name, so two identities it is.
2. I like the little bit of privacy it gives me.
3. I’m a writer, so naturally, I think I have several more personalities inside. But two is quite enough.

Social media is important these days for us aspiring authors, so here’s my list:

Here’s what I use with my legal, real, un-spellable and unpronounceable first name:
Facebook (well, okay, I don’t have it set to my real name just now, but my Facebook is personal, so this counts)
LinkedIn (I’m never on this though, so it barely counts)

Here’s what I use with my “writer name” (i.e., Michelle, which is actually my middle name, or SunflowerRei) or under the aegis of the blog:

The Sunflower’s Scribbles
Twitter (@Sunflowerrei), which is half Writer Me and half Personal Me
AbsoluteWrite Forums
Google +
Goodreads (a social network for bookworms…which I am in Personal Me and Writer Me mode)
Pinterest (as I wrote last time, this is just so I can collect pretty writer quotes)

Looks like a lot, doesn’t it? In actuality, there are things I’m on more than others. NaNoWriMo only becomes a Thing for me when it’s NaNo time. I only list my to-read books and keep track of what I read on Goodreads instead of participating in the forums. I don’t fully understand Pinterest or Google +, to be totally honest, but G+ comes with the territory of a Gmail address and a Blogger blog, so I post stuff from this blog there. Same with YouTube, which I didn’t list because I’ve never uploaded a video there.

When I was an intern at a literary agency, reading submissions and queries, one of the first things I noticed that the agents would note down was whether or not the potential author had a good platform.

Of course, it seems that with most everything among writers, what a platform is is a little fuzzy. In some ways, it’s about your “presence” or your “brand.” If you’re writing non-fiction, are you qualified? Has your work been acknowledged in contests or published or won awards? Do you have an online following? 
That last bit, the online following, often involves quite a lot of social media. Do tell me what you know about “platform” and your own use of social media in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “My Two Identities

  1. Platform! I wouldn't even know where to begin. I'm not even sure I know what that means. I only know I write stories with some kind of supernatural element.I don't really use my writer name anywhere except with the one email address I have associated with it, and that's really only to get used to seeing it. But I use the same online alias for all the writer-related things, either katci or Krystal Jane. Jane is not even my middle name. It's just something my brother threw out once when I was trying to come up with a domain name for my then non-existent website. Lol! Hmm…I'm probably not very consistent.


  2. Well, we have to build in baby steps, right? I was looking at some blogs and articles on platform and they contradicted each other. I'd always intended to write as Michelle Athy and just a few months ago, finally got a separate email account under that name.


  3. Hmmm. I use \”Sweetwheat\” as my user name for many, many sites. I think the only places I use my real name are: KBoards with \”Karla Gomez\”; my blog url has GomezKarla; and my twitter account, too. Idk about y'all, but a platform is hard to do. Especially if we haven't put anything out? I think Michelle Athy is a great name! What is your OG first name, btw?


  4. I feel like platform is…building an audience?My real first name is Annrei–hence the \”Rei\” in SunflowerRei. But I have a ton of nicknames, Rei being one of them, and Sunflower being another. I combined them for the sn.


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