End of Part Three

After some crossing out, reshuffling, and changing the ending of part three into the beginning of part four, I am done with part three of my fourth draft of my WIP.Yessss. *fist pump*So, as always, full doc stats first:Full doc:Words: 73,718Pages: 263Part Three stats:Chapters: 23 to 40, so 17 chaptersWords: 33,994Pages: 122First line: When Mr. … Continue reading End of Part Three

30 Books Read

All right, everyone. I just finished Book 30 five seconds ago! Here are books 21 through 30 in my Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge of reading 40 books this year.I'm beginning to wonder now if I'll pass 40 books this year.21. Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford--5 stars--Historical Fiction/Depression era22. Just Like Heaven by Julia … Continue reading 30 Books Read

Things I’ve Learned About Writing Historical Fiction

I am a firm believer that writers learn more about writing with every new project. With the ability to apply what you've learned, every time I have a new story idea, I find myself doing things a little differently than last time, all resulting in a better story, better writing, better execution, better revision.Before I … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Writing Historical Fiction