End of Part Four…Almost Done!

Two seconds ago, I finished the end of Part Four, which means I have one part (the denouement) left on this here revision. I have five outline pages to get through, which is, like, another twenty or thirty pages, manuscript wise, maybe? I’ve been cutting scenes in outline in order to streamline as I go, so it might be even shorter.

In addition, I wrote a draft query letter for The Keegans of Banner’s Edge today. This was mostly spurred by (a) needing to have a query done before I finish editing the WIP, so that I have time to get that query right before I want to send it out and (b) because a few of my writing friends and I are exchanging queries and first chapters—some in preparation for the query trenches, others in preparation for #PitchWars and #PitMad.

Oddly enough, as I wrote the pitch portion of my query, which is a torture device designed for overly verbose writers, I realized that my next, as-yet-to-be-written story, the one I’m referring to as The Buccaneers-meets-Downton Abbey-meets-The Heiress, has a much better hook and clearer conflict–and I haven’t even figured it out all the way yet! See, the more you write, the more you grow.

As usual, full doc stats for The Keegans first:

Words: 88, 087 (this might actually come out shorter than the last draft, which would be awesome)
Pages: 314
Chapters: 50

Part Four stats:

Words: 14, 373
Pages: 51
Chapters: 41 to 50, so 9 chapters

First line:
In November, the Banstons held another dinner party.

Last line: 
Why gloss it over in a fairy story way? This was the ugliness of reality.

6 thoughts on “End of Part Four…Almost Done!

  1. \”The more you write, the more you grow.\” = So freaking true. ^_^Congratulations on another part down! One more to go!! *says me from the cheering section* Also, LOVE your lines! The Banstons sound extravagant. 🙂


  2. Wow! You've been making great progress, and love that first line! Now, I'm all curious about the Banstsons 😉 Good for you for getting that query started. I find it easier to write it early too – gives one more time to stew about it. Good luck with the last bit!


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