Cool Things About the Victorian Era, Part 3

I was re-watching some episodes of this British TV series, Cranford, based on the novels of Elizabeth Gaskell the other day–as a break from the WIP, which is slowly circling the drain toward the end.

And by “the end,” I mean, like, another a couple of scenes. This one may actually come in shorter than the last draft.

But anyway, Cranford takes place in the 1840s, in a small village in the north of England. The 1840s are very early Victorian times and the show really does have a superb cast; I feel like every British actor ever was in this show.

On my last Cool Things About the Victorian Era post, writing buddy Karla wondered how the Victorians would have felt about all their new technology.

There was a scene in Cranford that definitely expressed the feelings towards new modes of transportation.

Some background: a local landowner has decided not to sell his land to the railway company, thus ending the railroad five miles away from Cranford. The older people, including the ladies of the town, are glad of it. They see the railway as an intrusion, dangerous, bringing in all kinds of undesirables into their town. But, of course, many of the younger generation want the railroad to come to Cranford, to bring progress. So Miss Matty decides to organize and experiment of the train with her close friends.

This is about 15 minutes total so skip to about 5:50 if you want to see the ladies and others of Cranford riding a steam-powered train for the first time.

Yes, that’s Loki. And Mr. Carson and Lady Mary.

6 thoughts on “Cool Things About the Victorian Era, Part 3

  1. Umbridge! And Loki! with curls! Lol! ^_^Okay, that's hilarious. But really, that's totally me. The first time I rode a subway, I was so freaked out. Then I got adventurous and wanted to try standing with no hands. Lol! But mostly I was freaked out. Then again, I was like that the first time I rode public transit. Lol!


  2. Umbridge is hilarious in this, btw. But yes, Loki riding the train lolI think what I'm liking about Victorian times is that it's easier to equate the first time riding a train to the first time on a subway or on a plane for us. Whereas, for me, imagining what a horse-drawn carriage is like is tough.


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