Of Central Perk and Rejection

I feel like I haven’t blogged about any recent adventures in the past few months. I have no writing/life balance, so whatever I’ve posted in the past few weeks and months is what I’ve been up to. Well, my friend Jess wanted to know if I’d come with her to SoHo to the pop-up Central Perk on Lafayette Street.

Central Perk, you say? Yup. It’s a small exhibition pop-up shop celebrating the 20th anniversary of the TV show Friends. 

There was a line to get in. It took a while, but Jess and I amused ourselves by taking pictures.

This building was in front of us for a good portion of our wait to get in.  It has a dome, columns, moldings, carvings, a clock, and sculptures upon it. It looks very grand–and very old New York, which doesn’t really exist anymore. I Googled it. It used to be the headquarters of the New York Police. It’s now luxury apartments.

While we waited, Jess was interviewed about Friends from somebody from MySpace.

And then we finally got to the front of the store.


Then we got inside! Once in, there was memorabilia and cast photos up on the wall.

And the couch that the friends sat on for all those years. Everyone got their picture taken sitting on the couch. 
We were so hungry after. Craving crepes, we proceeded to a creperie on Spring Street. Nutella and banana, yum!

But first, we saw this on the sidewalk:

Wise words. Now, another thing that happened today. Because this blog is meant to be “my writer’s journey,” in full disclosure—I got my first form rejection today. I’m not upset or even surprised. I figured it would happen. And it only took four days, so that’s good! 
I feel like a real writer now, having received a rejection on a querying manuscript. It’s not the first time my writing’s been rejected and it won’t be the last. It’s part of the deal. 

10 thoughts on “Of Central Perk and Rejection

  1. \”Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not YOUR FAULT!\” ^_^You have everything up there. (Which I'm sure I've said a thousand times! But hey! Nashville has like so many guitars signed by folks I've never heard of.)Erm, first form…congratulations. :)Fast responses are always nice.


  2. So jealous that you live in New York! There must be so much stuff to do there all the time! Looks like you had a blast!And yeah, that first form rejection. Blah. My first one made me sad even though I knew it was to be expected, but now I've become immune to the rejections… well, kinda…


  3. Lol I suppose so. I'm a homebody though, so I don't get out of the house much except for work most of the time. I didn't expect the first one so soon, is the thing. But it was expected. She's a great agent; her clients really write on a very high standard.


  4. Jess saw it first and we both took pictures of it lmao. It's so true. I see so many people crossing the street while texting. Thanks for the virtual cookies 🙂 I'm not very bummed at all by it, though.


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