IWSG: Queryland

This post is for October’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a group which posts their insecurities and releases them out to the world every first Wednesday of the month. Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating IWSG. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to send in/link to your articles for the IWSG anthology. I already sent in mine. Also, happy one year anniversary to the website!

So, this month: I’m not actually writing. I’m in a post-story state, but it’s a different post-story state because I’m querying The Keegans of Banner’s Edge. It’s the first time I’ve gone through the query trenches–and I’m not expecting anything. But I did strongly feel that, after years of writing and rewriting that novel, it was time to dip my toe out there. Usually, the last story has been shelved or is being read by someone while I work on the next one. Right now, Queryland feels like a strange sort of limbo because while I’m mentally trying to shape and assemble things for the next story, I’m also digging up more literary agents, sending out more queries and synopses, logging information down.

But that’s what it is to be a writer.

In the meantime, I’m developing the next idea— I’m happy with how deep I’ve gotten into my protagonist and I’m reading for research. I hope to have an outline and then plan on using NaNoWriMo, as I’ve done in the past, to launch my first draft out. Or I might want to start writing parts of it earlier than November; we’ll see.

24 thoughts on “IWSG: Queryland

  1. Queryland! ^^ It is a strange kind of limbo. I like to imagine my querying story, suspended in time, floating in the ether on a completion high before it crashes back down to earth. Lol! Post-story state is another kind of interesting limbo, and actually, also prime grounds for reading and planning and plotting. I do so much planning in between projects. So much fun, and you don't have the other project taking up so much space in your brain anymore because it's done! Always good times in Writer Land. 🙂


  2. Queryland feels almost academic! It reminds me of marketing classes I took in college. But you're right about Post-story state being the prime time for planning and plotting and daydreaming and reading, so…that's what I'm doing, along with research.


  3. Hi Michelle! I'm visiting today as one of the IWSG co-hosts. You're so far ahead of me in your writing journey! Kuddos for keeping moving forward! And good luck with your ventures in Queryland!


  4. Best of luck as you query. It's kind of exciting to finally get it out there, at least in theory. Honestly, the word \”query\” is only second to \”publish\” in its ability to strike terror into my heart. :-)Even though I won't be done editing the first book in my series, I also plan to do NaNoWriMo to get a first draft of the second one done. It's such a great opportunity to get a lot written. Hope to see you there!


  5. Good luck. Definitely in the same boat. I'm like binge reading as I try to get my first draft of my new project. It's a weird time to be in between projects. I feel so displaced sometimes.


  6. It is weird, right? I'm reading for research for the next one, but I feel suspended because I have to think about the one I'm querying. Plus, I only have the new story up to a point, so it's not all there yet.


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