Random Poetry

A while back, Krystal was talking about a writer’s conference she attended. There was talk of poetry there. And then just a few days ago, Michelle Tran posted a poem on her blog.

I was sitting, listening to music and reading through an awesome source on Project Gutenberg for my story (seriously, seriously awesome source) while also turning around some ideas for the story.

Instead, this came out. I’ve never been able to write “serious” poetry, by the way.

Poem #1
Your activity is out of doors
The noise frightens me
Dear neighbor, take the vacuum inside–vacuum your floors!
Because no sane person sucks leaves off an outdoor patio during a wind storm.

Ode to a Snooze Button
You squawk
I groan
You insist
I glare
But that’s no matter.
You herald that I must awake
I must rise, open my eyes
Leave dreamland–where I am a princess, a rock star, a witch, a wizard, a wife, a blonde
For the smooth touchscreen of existence
But another few minutes beckons.

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