NaNoWriMo Is Upon Us

It’s mid-October, which means November will be here soon and November, for many writers, means NaNoWriMo time.

This would be my fourth NaNo. My first was in 2010 with the Tudor-set Iggy, the second was with the first draft of what became The Keegans of Banner’s Edge, the third (last year) was a contemporary New Adult story that was so much fun to write, but I never had any intention of continuing it on. I’ve won with all three, though last year’s was the earliest and probably the easiest win.

This year, I’m doing NaNo for the first draft of my next novel, which doesn’t have a title yet. But it’s half historical and half contemporary and I’m really excited. It’s hard to write as much as NaNo requires and do the research necessary for a historical fiction book, so I think NaNo will help me get scenes and ideas down, but that the contemporary half will be easier to throw down during the month.

I don’t want to say that I’ll get to 50,000 for granted–but I am hoping for 50,000 coherent words that won’t take another three years to polish.

I learned last year that I can, actually, outline an entire book and write it, so I’ll be spending the last week of October doing an outline for the project.

I put up the basic summary for the story on my NaNo page yesterday:

In modern day New York, Nicole Avila is a stressed-out teacher with a neighbor who likes to vacuum his tiny strip of a patio at odd times of the day. In 1893 England, Victoria Ponsonby-Courtney is a beautiful, accomplished, elegant young lady, the daughter of an aristocratic family that any man would be lucky to have as his wife–except that Victoria is penniless. But that’s no matter; Victoria is going to marry her cousin Conrad. 
And then Conrad brings home Ursula, an American heiress, propelling Victoria to swallow her anger, squelch her burdensome attraction to Ursula’s brother Simon, and make the choice of taking the first man who’ll propose…or make her own way in the world.
The Victorian world, the lives of distant British aristocrats, is one that Nicole knows nothing about, so she is shocked when she finds out that she has a link to this world and these people, one which is so far removed from her reality, but which gives her the courage to break out of her self-imposed parameters and chase her dreams. 

The picture up there has nothing to do with NaNo. I had my first Guinness last night and being half Irish, it felt momentous enough to take a crappy camera phone picture of my drink. Or not.

What are you doing for NaNoWriMo?

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Is Upon Us

  1. Cool, cool. ^_^Sounds like it's coming together and that the dual time periods are going to work. That's exciting! I'm looking forward to stalking your progress. ;PI'm hopping in with a supernatural horror story. Haven't decided what I want to put on my page yet, but after a last minute name change a couple of days ago I'm all ready to go!


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