IWSG: November

This post is for the November IWSG. We post every first Wednesday of the month! Thanks to Alex J. Cavanagh for creating the group. Check out the IWSG here. Super thanks to the co-hosts this month: LG Keltner, Donna Hole, Lisa Buie-Collard and SL Hennessy 

So, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. On the one hand, I’m getting back into the habit of writing everyday, after a month or so of querying and outlining and researching. I always feel rusty at the beginning of a new writing project and I have to tell myself to have patience. My first drafts have never, ever, ever come out perfect on the first writing and that’s not going to change now.

But there is that pernicious voice in the back of my head that asks me if I think I’m a good writer, in general. Am I a good writer? Do I make people feel or think or relate to my work? I mean, I enjoy writing–it’s beyond enjoyment now, it’s downright compulsive. It’s one of the few things I’m definitely good at. I’ve been told that I’m a “talented writer,” whatever that means.

But does any of that mean that my writing is good? Does it even matter if it is good–what’s good writing to one person won’t seem that way to another, maybe.

So that’s my insecurity for the month.

Crawling back into my NaNo cave from which I will update later this week,

Sunflower Michelle

24 thoughts on “IWSG: November

  1. I always have doubt rear its ugly head right before I start something. I'll have been all gung-ho and excited and then all of a sudden I'm wondering if my idea is stupid or if I should even bother. I think the insecurity pops up to test our resolve. It's like, \”This all may go to pot, so you really want to write another novel? Prove it.\” 🙂


  2. My thing whenever I start the first draft of a new book — and I'm trying to forge ahead with the rough draft of book 4 of my series right now, and it's awwwwwful — is this feeling of, \”oh no, I'm never going to be able to write another full-length book again, the first [however many I've written at that point] were total flukes!\” I wish I had some sort of um….algorithm for it….or method….but I always feel like I do it totally differently, contributing to my fear of never being able to repeat the feat. 😦


  3. Well, I've noticed now that every project is different. And because it's different each time, you feel like a chump at the beginning. Maybe? I'm getting over some of that \”I'll never be able to write a book ever again,\” but yeah, now it's like, \”Will it turn out as well as the last one? Or better?\”


  4. They say that NOBODY has a perfect first draft.They also say that you can't please everybody. There will be readers who love our work, and those who just don't get it…that doesn't necessarily mean the writing is bad. Happy Writing!


  5. Insecurity, thy name is Writer. Isn't it wonderful we can express our worries and know that others reading it are nodding? Most of us write sh*tty first drafts. And second, third, etc. But each time our story gets better and that's the name of the game. Best wishes.


  6. We all have bouts of insecurity. Try to believe it when people tell you that you are talented and keep tapping at that next project. Hopefully, you will feel more confident soon.


  7. I don't think there was ever a first draft that came out perfect! I have those same doubts of whether my own stuff is good. The industry we're trying to get in is so subjective. What may be good to one person may not be to another. Frankly I hate the word 'good,' it's so vague. I think what's important is if you like your story and your writing. Because if you believe it, then everyone else will too.


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