NaNo ’14: Day 28/ I Survived Black Friday

Current Word Count: 47, 141 (Y’all, that’s about 2800 words left, yay!!)

It’s the last weekend of NaNo. I have completely given up trying to write connective narrative and have instead been writing scenes, dialogue runs, whatever comes to me. It keeps me chugging along, at least. I’ll be writing tonight and definitely over Sunday to hit the 50K.

So close, so close…

Instead of an excerpt, I’m giving you a short rundown of my Black Friday. I worked during the day today and while it was quiet (and perfect) for a few hours, it soon grew busy. And then it grew crowded, hysterical, and I started taking notes for this blog.

I promised that if anyone was particularly bizarre, they were going to get called out on this blog.

I had a customer who said she wanted to return a coat she bought yesterday. There was no ticket on the coat, but she had her receipt. So I typed in the UPC from the receipt, told her the amount, and set up the register to return the money to her department store credit card. Then she says, “No, that’s not how much I paid.”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

“No, it was $___.”

“But it says this ___ on your receipt.”

“But that’s not what I paid.”

“Yes, it is.”

She then proceeded to tell me she didn’t want it back on her department store credit card. So I then voided the return, redid it, and she says she wants it back in cash (no can do). “Okay, I’ll take it…no wait, let me go find a mirror to try this other coat I want to buy on.” Two minutes later…”You know what, I’ll take these and I don’t want to return that coat.”

   #      #     #

Another customer wanted to know why the prices of her items seemed to be higher. I explained that perhaps it was because the Morning Ripoffs–I mean, Specials–had expired. Therefore, the items reverted to their “normal” prices.

“But I was in the store from 11 am!”

Um, yeah, and? It’s 2:30!

She then went into this whole story about how she ordered something from us last week online, but then she got an email saying that the warehouse didn’t have that item, so they were refunding her and giving her a 20% coupon. Which she wanted to use. Fine, except it was only for online use.

The manager let me give her a 40% discount because the coupon we had didn’t take 20% off all of her items.

And then she kept talking about how the store has “been coming down recently” (then why are you here?) and then she wanted to know if I was “in college” (been there, done that, have the debt to prove it) and then told me that her daughter works in social media now.

How nice. Did I ask for your life story? Not really.

But taking the cake for this Black Friday is this lady:

To set the scene: I was temporarily on a register. That register’s scanner stopped working. Nada. So I had to manually ring everything up. This means typing in UPCs and coupon codes. Let’s be happy that I’m a fast typist.

So I’m typing UPCs when this lady comes out of nowhere, demands to know where the manager is on the floor. I don’t know where the manager is, since, y’know, I’m dealing with the freakin’ demon scanner.

Lady: “Well, can you call the manager?”

Me: Taking the cash from a customer and therefore, trying to give her back the correct change. “Uh…sure.”

Lady: “Um, now.”

Me: *Bitch please* I pick up the phone and tell her that there was no dial tone. Actually, there was, but honestly. Was I feeling inclined to be nice to this customer? No, I wasn’t.

Lady: “There’s no dial tone? Can you call her from another phone at another register?”

There’s a long ass line in front of me. A long ass line of people whose everything I need to type in because Demon Scanner.

Lady: “Tell her I’ll be in front of the register at Michael Kohrs.” *Walks away*

I may have grumbled something about throwing a hanger at her.

2 thoughts on “NaNo ’14: Day 28/ I Survived Black Friday

  1. Lol! I totally love that you said to that last lady. I'm going to have to borrow that one day. Lol! ^_^Yeah, we don't do Black Friday so it was mostly dead where I work. Profitable enough to be open and busy in spots, but nobody too rude came in. We mostly got people who were already shopped out from somewhere else.I'll be watching your NaNo page. 😉 Can't wait to cheer for you!!


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