IWSG: A New Year

Hey everyone! This is the first IWSG of the New Year!

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a writing group started by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Check out the group here! We post every first Wednesday of the month.

It’s 2015. I’ve been writing my second draft in earnest since just after Christmas (I’m in Chapter Five) and I’m having a great time doing it. Few writing-related insecurities right now (that’ll change). But what will 2015 bring? I’m more insecure or anxious about getting myself motivated to do other, non-writing-related, necessary real-world things. I suppose I get task-avoidant when things make me anxious, but in this instance, I can’t be like that.

We were also asked to give a short intro with this post.

My name is Michelle Athy. I’m from Queens, New York, went to Emerson College in Boston to study writing, and primarily write historical fiction. I also have an obsession with anything purple and a love of beaded necklaces. Welcome!

17 thoughts on “IWSG: A New Year

  1. I can relate! I sometimes feel guilty when I'm really busy with life and can't keep up with my self-imposed writing deadlines. I just console myself by reasoning that I need to do life stuff in order to write about it πŸ˜‰ The best inspiration always comes when you aren't writing, after all.


  2. Well, that's true. We do need to do real life things in order to write about it. I am–and have been–super nervous about doing what I need to do, though. Can't seem to break through it.


  3. Ugh, real life. I so get where you're coming from. It trickles down to even the little things, like me not making time to unclog my shower drain or clean. Change is incredibly nerve wracking, but once we do it, it's the greatest relief. πŸ™‚


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