Every Project Is Different

First: yes, apparently, New York City might get 3 feet of snow in the next few days. Which, when you’re 4’11” is…a bit daunting. I’ll keep y’all posted on how that’s going, probably via Twitter. It means lots of Netflix, snacks, reading, and hopefully writing.

Also: one of my favorite authors followed me on Twitter today πŸ™‚

I have hit Chapter Ten and approximately 25k in my latest project, an as-yet-untitled women’s historical fiction thing. I was thinking about the fact that it’s so different from my last story—different historical time period (Victorian instead of Georgian), also half contemporary set, with two protagonists, clearer antagonists…

But unlike with The Keegans of Banner’s Edge, I don’t have much of an urge to blog about the new story. Not yet, anyway.

Here’s the thing about writing novels: you may think you have the knack of writing them because you’ve finished them before or written several novels or published a book or two…

And then you start the next project and the process is familiar…

Then you realize that maybe that writing style isn’t going to work in this story. Or that you need to stop and read a research source for a minute. Or that you feel that you’re doing the POV thing better.

Every project, while maybe a similar thing, is different–so the way you approach it is different. Apparently, for this story–maybe because there is some mystery going on–I don’t want to blab about it to the whole world. Yet.

10 thoughts on “Every Project Is Different

  1. Thank you! It's not so bad yet, but apparently, the bulk of Snowmaggedon is coming tonight into tomorrow. There's a travel ban after 11pm. In New York City. Whut?!I was wondering why I didn't want to blog about, like, Victorian fashion or whatever, but I'll just go with what the project wants.


  2. I have an author I love following me! It's so exciting. I about died when it happened. ^_^ I've been hearing about this snowstorm that's coming that way. I wish we could take a foot of it off your hands. I totally get not wanting to talk about the story. I don't like to say what my story is about until I'm about query it. I can't believe both you and Michelle T are 4'11!!


  3. I guess Michelle T. and I are shorties. Now they're saying we're getting 2 feet, but who knows! Hey, if the story wants me to be a little secretive about it–I really think it's because there are twists in it–then I'll do it.


  4. omg…my partner is in Maryland and I can't even imagine what he is going through. Here in sunny California the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Haha I knew you were 4'11\” cos you'd mentioned it, but it's interesting that Michelle T. is too! I'm not much taller. 5'2\”. Wish I was 5'4\”.


  5. Yeah… I know. You'd think after as many novels as I've drafted, this WIP wouldn't be such a problem. But one thing I find is true as well, if you drop out of a writing routine, a novel becomes ridiculously hard to complete. We lived in upstate NY (after NYC) for a bit, and I tell you what, nothing beats their 25 foot snow drifts. *sigh* Good times. Do you need snow shoes?


  6. Yeah, that's true. Breaking the writing habit a little bit makes it a harder to get back into focus with it. It snowed again on Monday and we're supposed to get something tomorrow as well. But between my friends in Boston and my friend in Syracuse, I'm not going to complain because they're practically buried in snow right now.


  7. It's okay to keep projects close to the chest until you're ready to open up about them. I'm in the query process for a novel and still haven't opened up about it. You just hold on to it until you have a better handle on it and we'll all be there to support you while you figure things out πŸ™‚


  8. Well, that's what's interesting to me about it in an academic way–that I have the bulk of this figured and I know how the pieces fit, but it still doesn't want to be talked about. Then again, it's only a second draft. Let's not jinx it.


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