Cinderella & More Cool Things About the Victorian Era

I saw the new live-action Disney Cinderella on St. Patrick's Day. Cinderella is not my favorite Disney princess (that's Belle), but I essentially dragged my friends to see the movie because of this guy:From Lily James' Instagram¬†Anyway.... (as I told my friend Jess, if there are random Scottish men floating around in the Victorian half … Continue reading Cinderella & More Cool Things About the Victorian Era

An Interview With Krystal Jane!

Today, we are beginning what I hope will become a new bimonthly or tri-monthly feature on The Sunflower's Scribbles: guest posts and interviews with writers, authors, passionate readers, editors...To inaugurate this, I interviewed Krystal Jane, a prolific fantasy/supernatural writer from Tennessee. She is a frequent commenter here and blogs about writing at The Narcissistic Rose. … Continue reading An Interview With Krystal Jane!

Guest Posts, Cover Visions, and Harry Potter

This is my 600th blog post.Credit: TumblrYikes.¬†It occurred to me today--as I was typing up this post and reading back posts I wrote last year about the Keegans (I'm trying to figure out why some of this novella story, which I'm polishing up, is so whack-a-doodle, since I cut-and-pasted it out of the Keegans)--that after … Continue reading Guest Posts, Cover Visions, and Harry Potter


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I'm not totally done with the world of The Keegans of Banner's Edge.That is, while I'm done querying it, there are elements of the story that I still really like and may well go back to in the future.I'm working on one of those elements right … Continue reading Pearl