Downton Abbey Season 6 Predictions & Wishes

Oh, come on–it’s traditional on this blog to make my guesses and state my wishes for the next season of Downton Abbey. Season five has come to an end here in the States and so, I can make my predictions without too much fear of spoiling.

Needless to say, if you plan to watch Season 5 and haven’t yet…better not read this post. Spoilers below.

First of all,  Season 6 should be the last. How many more years can we tell the stories of the Crawleys et al. and not have the cast age, even though it’s been more than a dozen TV years since season one?

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with season 5 when I first watched it and only really appreciated it as I rewatched it when it aired here in America. Loved the Christmas special, though.

1) Tom Branson had better not be actually leaving the show. Time jump? Does he come back to England from Boston with his daughter and a possible love interest in tow? Or is he too busy helping Cumberbatch solve the Engima code? (Oops. Wrong thing.) Please?

2) More Matthew Goode, please. I know I said at the end of last season that Charles Blake was my favorite in the Lady Mary Love Connection Sweepstakes, but he didn’t seem as awesome this season…plus, his actor is extremely busy. So. Perhaps Blake comes back to bid adieu to Mary. I know that Matthew Goode, who played the quite sharp Henry Talbot on the season 5 Christmas special, is also on The Good Wife…but these are my wishes, so I want him on the next season.

3) At some point, Lady Mary has to figure out that Marigold is Edith’s illegitimate daughter. I doubt it’ll make much difference in how Mary treats Edith.

4) Can Edith have a youngish, handsome love interest who doesn’t abandon her at the altar or run off to Munich for dubious reasons and end up dead, s’il vous plait? Mr. Pelham, the agent who shows up in the Christmas special, might be the ticket.

5) It might be symbolic to have either Lord Grantham of expire the ulcer or the Dowager Countess Violet die at the end of the series. I don’t want them to die, but…well…you might as well go out with a bang.

6) No more murder. No more Bateses in jail.

7) Daisy should open her own restaurant or cooking school or something. Farm-to-table much?

8) And what can I say about Mr. Carson and his fiancée, Mrs. Hughes? That’ll be a wedding to see!

5 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Season 6 Predictions & Wishes

  1. sdsjka!!My sister and I have watched Season 3 only. I didn't even want to read your post, just wanted to comment. We probably will watch the rest, that's why lol.–Usually I don't mind spoilers, but…


  2. I wonder about the age thing in TV shows sometimes, especially the kinds that pick up where they left off the previous season. Only one minute is supposed to have passed, but everyone is three years older. I know it's a reality of the situation, but it really throws me off. I don't usually like time jumps too well, depends on how much time is skipping, I hate for exciting stuff to happen but we don't get to see it because it happened during the time jump!


  3. Time moves oddly in Downton 🙂 The first season was over two years, then we skipped two years before going into season two. Maggie Smith plays the grandmother in the show and she's said, \”I don't know how old my character is supposed to be. She must a 110 by now.\” It's just…odd. Nobody freakin' ages in this family.


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