Guest Posts, Cover Visions, and Harry Potter

This is my 600th blog post.

Credit: Tumblr


It occurred to me today–as I was typing up this post and reading back posts I wrote last year about the Keegans (I’m trying to figure out why some of this novella story, which I’m polishing up, is so whack-a-doodle, since I cut-and-pasted it out of the Keegans)–that after six years of blogging:

–I’m not exactly running out of things to write about, but as I’m writing two projects at once…I am sort of running out of topics I feel interested in enough to write about.

–That I would happily turn the blog over once a month or once every two or three months to a guest blogger, who could talk about their latest book or their latest writing project or why they started writing or what they do as an editor, a freelancer, or an agent. Maybe even why a particular book captured someone’s imagination.

–I’d like to start with people I know. Being still an unpublished writer, I would be open to interview (or feature articles from) unpublished writers as well as published ones. It would be a cool way to “hear” other people’s writing and publishing experiences. Or to have a fellow blogger maybe write something they wouldn’t normally write on their own blog.

—I can’t promise great promo for authors who are only into promo offers–this place does not have huge page views, but my readers are pretty dang loyal and they’re into commenting and discussion.

Cover Visions 

Last week, I got off the bus at its last stop–my subway station–and as I was walking toward the subway entrance, iPod buds in my ears, I had this image pop into my head.

I saw two women; one of them was in Victorian clothes–big dress with a bustle and a hat, a hint of her dark hair peeking out; the other was in jeans and a top, her wavy brown hair loose to the middle of her back. Both of them have their back turned to us. One of them is on the left-center, the other on right-center.

And then I realized that these women were Victoria and Nicole, the protagonists of the new main writing project.

I never imagine covers. I’m not a very visual person, I guess, and anyway, covers are a publisher’s problem. But since I’ve never imagined covers for any of my stories before, this struck me as something interesting.

Harry Potter

My mom told me yesterday that my cousin’s older daughter, my 6-year-old “niece,” ran up to her yesterday when they saw each other at my aunt’s house. “Look at my new book!” She said. My mom looked. She was surprised that the little one is reading Harry Potter. Her parents, who aren’t very big readers at all, are bemused.

Heh. The books I intend to give her as she grows up…

2 thoughts on “Guest Posts, Cover Visions, and Harry Potter

  1. Oh wow, Harry Potter at six!!! I can't remember anything I read at six! That's awesome. OMG, I love it when I can see my characters like that! I've been making mock covers for fun, but I definitely have a clearer vision for some than others. I love the ideas you have for guest posts. ^_^


  2. I know, right? I was reading by six, but I was reading picture books. It was the first time I'd ever saw a potential cover before. I was very excited!And…guest posts. Think you might be my first, Krystal! Yay!


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