So, Self-Publishing…

Novella draft 2 is finished; it’s with a beta right now and hopefully, I can ask a few other people to read it over as well.

I’ve said before that I think this novella is bound for self-publishing, for a few reasons:

1. It’s 29,000 words. When was the last time you saw a 29,000-word book on a shelf in your local bookstore?

2. It’s historical fiction, but it doesn’t feature any royalty or historical figures or events, really. It just takes place in the past with very outdated notions of society.

3. It has a pretty clear and relatively simple plot: Pearl wants to find her long-lost brother.

Here’s what I know about self-publishing:

1. I’ll want to find an editor and a cover artist. I think I’d like to try the formatting on my own, but we’ll see.

2. There are options to go only through Amazon’s KindleDirect, since the Kindle seems to be The Big E-Reader. But then there’s also Kobo and GoogleBooks and the Nook, which are different formats from the Kindle.

3. Once it’s ready and up…you get to market it.

4. Traditionally published authors sometimes write novellas and self-pub in between full-length novels.

11 thoughts on “So, Self-Publishing…

  1. Outside of collections, I can't say I've ever seen a novella in a bookstore, but I think they totally should be! Maybe one day. :)I hear Amazon formatting is really easy, but of course I don't know for sure. I did play around with my last story by pasting a picture on the first page and sending it to my Kindle app as a PDF. It looked pretty awesome, I think! Lol! So, I'm thinking it's probably not too difficult.


  2. The Amazon formatting wasn't too bad, if I remember correctly (for the novellas I self-pubbed). However, for Smashwords (which will take care of B&N, Kobo, etc.), you have to follow their instructions EXACTLY, or they won't distribute for you. Seriously, if even one tiny little thing is off, you get the sad email. At least there are screenshots in the guide to help you out. And after I did it once, it was a lot easier the next time.


  3. Oh gosh….le formatting. Best of luck with that!Well, with everything. How exciting!!!Makes me want to write something and self-pub. Taking care of everything and promoting it is lots of work, but am sure worth it!


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