IWSG: The Emotional Impact

It’s IWSG Wednesday. Time to post our writerly insecurities. 

I received a beta’s remarks back on the Pearl novella. Thankfully, she liked it and while there needs to be some clean-up and a few additions and subtractions, the biggest thing for me was when she wrote in her email:

I’m so impressed! I actually got a little teary-eyed at the end. It makes me want to go and hug my brother, even though I just saw him Wednesday.”

So, yay! It’s always been important to me that there’s an emotional impact to a story. When my emotions are engaged while reading, that means I’m in. Sometimes that means I care about what’s going to happen to the protagonist or I want to know if the couple end up together (I read a lot of historical romance; they always do, but the getting there is interesting) or I like the author’s style or I’m interested in the little details sprinkled through that make that story and world come alive in my imagination.

But at the end–it’s about the feeling I get from the characters and the stories. When I’m writing a story, I often worry that what I want to convey won’t come through. A writing professor once described my writing as “so subtle it’s not there.”

Thanks, prof.

29 thoughts on “IWSG: The Emotional Impact

  1. It really is the best thing to hear, that your story touched someone emotionally. So often, us writers are reduced to tears writing, and we can only hope our readers will feel the same.Angeline


  2. Thankfully, we've both improved since college! I worry about this a lot, too. I always make myself cry, but I really want the reader to feel it, too. ^_^Though I hope they don't laugh quite as much as I do. For some reason, I find my writing really hilarious sometimes. In other news, I gave my brother a bear hug the last time I saw him! ^_^


  3. That's always my final revision check when I write: the feeling check I read my work, not to look for grammar or spelling errors, but to see if I'm feeling the appropriate things. So important.


  4. Yay for awesome beta feedback. That's always a nice feeling. I also like to add emotional impact to my stories. I also like to feel that when I'm reading.


  5. Yeah. I always feel like I don't describe enough or tell rather than show, so I wonder if the emotions are coming through. I find my writing pretty funny at times, too. Then again, I have a pretty dry sense of humor, so deadpan or sarcasm is funny to me.


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