Cutting The Bloodline Book Tour: Creating The Future

Hi guys! We have another fantastic guest today–Angeline Trevena, whose book Cutting The Bloodline was released on May 12th.

Cutting the Bloodline is set in Britian, 2052. This is a world where people are tested for the criminal gene, where carriers are outcast, and babies testing positive are aborted.

I’ve always been a fan of dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories. As a child, my father set me off on the right track by reading me novels by the likes of John Wyndham and H G Wells as bedtime stories.

Dystopian fiction relies heavily on catching the widespread fears of society. If you look at the trends, you can map a timeline of a country’s paranoia. From early alien invasions, through big-brother surveilance, robots rising up against their creators, to zombie outbreaks caused by humans messing with genetics, or bio-warfare, or cultivating diseases.

While creating a future may seem like something pulled purely from the imagination, it’s important to look to the past to create a plausible and believable version.

As science advances at a rate we can barely comprehend, genetic research is a debate that is coming further and further to the fore. There are strict guidelines on what scientists can, and can’t do, strict moral lines that have been drawn. But who draws them, and who decides when they need to be moved?

Science is nose to nose with morality, with our own sense of humanity. If we eradicate a condition, what are we saying about the people who live with it? If we allow parents to choose the gender of their baby, in order to prevent an inherited disease, what else can we mess with while we’re in there? What should we mess with? Their pre-disposition to asthma? Obesity? Stupidity? Ugliness? There are benefits to be gained from this, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s tried to create the ‘perfect’ race.

Cutting the Bloodline is an experiment in what would happen if we did choose scientific advancements over humanity. Just because someone in a white coat tells you something is true, does it mean that it is?

Cutting the Bloodline – The Blurb
Not everyone is born innocent.
A generation of defective children were abandoned. They grew up on the fringes, without rights, without a way to change their fate.
Journalist Kenton Hicks is driven to tell their stories, but these are not stories everyone wants told. As he digs deeper, he finds that the discovery of the criminal gene, the foundation of their crime-free utopia, isn’t quite the salvation it promised to be.
Armed with a book that could bring down the government, Kenton finds the country’s future in his hands.
Some see him as a saviour, others as a traitor. It’s time for him to choose which he will become.

This Book Cannot Bring Down a Government – But it is the Story of One That Can
Angeline Trevena

Originally written as a stageplay five years ago, Cutting the Bloodline is the debut novella from British horror and fantasy author Angeline Trevena.
Released on Kindle on May 12th, this adult dystopian thriller follows magazine journalist Kenton Hicks as he sets out to change the world.
Born and bred in a rural corner of Devon, Angeline now lives among the breweries and canals of central England, with her husband, their son, and a somewhat neurotic cat. She’s been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen, and has several short stories published in various anthologies and magazines.
After spending her formative years on the stage, she graduated in 2003 with a BA Hons Degree in Drama and Writing. While at university, she decided that her future lay in writing words, rather than performing them.
Cutting the Bloodline is set in a future Britain where people are tested for the criminal gene, where carriers are outcast, and babies testing positive are aborted. Kenton simply wants to gather the stories of those who have suffered, but as his book gathers pace, and he investigates further, he finds that the crime free-utopia they enjoy was sold to them on a lie.
While the government fight to protect that lie, there are others determined to expose it, by whatever means. Kenton finds himself pulled between everyone else’s agenda, while his own motivations start to become a little confused. But his book has the power to start a civil war, and he needs to figure out who’s on his side.
Tony Benson, author of dystopian thriller, An Accident of Birth, said “Cutting The Bloodline is a vivid portrayal of a scarily real future, and the man who risks his life to expose the truth. Insightful, original, imaginative, and a great read.”
Buy the book from Amazon:
Angeline Trevena’s website:

9 thoughts on “Cutting The Bloodline Book Tour: Creating The Future

  1. It is terrifying in many ways. It brings the show Orphan Black to mind–clones. There isn't much restraining scientists from cloning humans or developing artificial intelligence.


  2. This is really interesting! I love the concept of the story. Dystopians totally play on people's deep seated fears. I would love to attend a discussion panel about this. A lot of people don't know how crazy I am about science. This kind of makes me want to give my abandoned sci-fi stories another go! ^_^


  3. I grew up on old sci fi dystopians, but honestly didn't realise quite how much I love them until I completed Cutting the Bloodline. I'm mostly a horror writer, but both genres are about finding people's fears and exploiting them!


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