Restaurant Week NYC: Lafayette

New York Restaurant Week is twice-annual, when many restaurants have specific discounted prix-fixed menus. This time around, it goes from July 20th to August 4th and, being a little inspired by Michelle Tran's restaurant posts, I decided to take pictures of my meal.My best friends Nali and Jessi and I went to Lafayette, a French … Continue reading Restaurant Week NYC: Lafayette

Guest Post: What Editors Wish You Knew

Guys, we have a very special guest blogger today--the woman who corrected my grammar and comma splices in Pearl, acquiring editor and freelance editor extraordinaire, Jess d'Arbonne! Jess agreed to write a post explaining those mysterious creatures of the publishing world: editors.What Editors Wish You KnewWhen my author friend asked me to write a post … Continue reading Guest Post: What Editors Wish You Knew