Author Charts & Pearl news

When you give birth to a book, you are then obliged to look at graphs and charts telling you things about your book.
But before we get to that, I wanted to mention that Pearl is now wide. She’s up on iBooks and Kobo and will be on Nook as soon as B&N uploads it! 

I thought I’d give you guys a peek at a few of these author charts. Welcome, briefly, to the world of indie authoring.

So, first: what authors want. Sales!

This is Pearl‘s sales chart from Amazon for the past month:

I’ve sold one more since I took this screenshot, by the way.

Because Pearl was enrolled in Kindle Select (her time there has now ended), there is another graph underneath which tells me pages read. When a Select reader reads a page of Pearl for the first time, it counts on this graph and I get paid a little bit per page finished:

You may think that’s all. I mean, someone bought the book, others borrowed it to read it. What else is there?

Well, there’s this squiggly thing: Amazon Best-Sellers Rank. I think mine looks like a dinosaur.

And this nifty chart is more about marketing and readership, I suppose. It’s from Goodreads and tells you how many people added the book, reviewed it, or rated it.

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