IWSG: 2016!

This is the first IWSG post of 2016! We post about our writing insecurities every first Wednesday of the month, following our leader Alex J. Cavanaugh. This month’s co-hosts are G. Keltner, Denise Covey, Sheri Larsen, J.Q. Rose, Chemist Ken, Michelle Wallace.

It’s 2016 and I am determined to be less insecure about writing this year. 

I mean, last year, I published a novella and people I don’t know have definitely bought it. It hasn’t been talked about as being the worst thing people have ever read, which is comforting.

This year, I’ll be participating in Randi Lee’s Turning Points anthology and I have a novel idea that I’d like to get back into after being quite distracted from it. And I think I’d like to write another novella. I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve actually enjoyed writing short-ish works; it kind of suits my somewhat minimalist descriptive style.

But there are three things I’m insecure about:

1. Machinery. My laptop is getting up there in age–and although all the programs have been updated and I recently did a full-system backup and everything completely works perfectly–my screen is trying desperately to divorce itself from the hinge. This, as you can imagine, gives computer time a new and metallically crunchy-sounding edge.

2. Blogger. I started on Blogger almost 7 years ago and it’s been fine (Seriously?! It’s been almost 7 years!) Lately, I’ve noticed that when I’m drafting a new post, the cursor does odd things and the browser doesn’t let me scroll up and down as easily. Annoying. Anybody know if I can move this thing completely over to WordPress or why Blogger is acting a little strange?

3. Blogging ideas. In 2015, I definitely felt like I was running out of ideas to blog about–a sensation I’ve not experienced in the years before. I had plenty to blog about–my first foray into self-publishing, new story ideas involving new research and anecdotes, a few real life adventures–but I didn’t want to blog about my writing process anymore. It’s too navel-gazy. I’ve always thought of my fiction and blogging as two writing entities.

So I started asking around for guest bloggers and that’s worked out really nicely. I’m enjoying the different varieties of work, different perspectives and advice, and, hopefully, even trying to get creative friends to come on and tell us about their non-writing creative pursuits.

In fact, tomorrow, there will be a guest post by Anna Simpson. Do check it out!

16 thoughts on “IWSG: 2016!

  1. Year of being less insecure. ^_^Can't have your screen coming unhinged! When I moved my blog over to wordpress.com, it was super easy. I can't say everything translated perfectly, but I had all of my content and pictures and tags. I have no idea what I think of blogging. I think I just like talking about stuff.


  2. I'm sitting on my bed right now with the computer propped up by a pillow. At least it keeps it upright. Apparently, common problem in this model of MacBook Pro :-(I like Blogger. It's been super easy to do things on here…but the weird stuck cursor thing is a little annoying. Could be my browser, maybe?It's kind of weird to run out of blogging ideas…well, not entirely. But to maybe want to blog less about some things and blog about other things. Or just write. lol.


  3. I ran out of blogging ideas too last year. So this year, I decided to focus my blog less on writing (it used to be really focused on that) and more on other things too. I'm more than just an author. So I'm posting about personal stuff too, like getting my driver's license, renovating a house (those posts are in the works). I also decided to review some movies/series that I enjoyed, and maybe board games too. Basically I decided to write about more than writing, but incorporate my other hobbies into my blog too. Maybe that could help for you too? My blog.


  4. Beings that I don't have my own domain, does that affect how stuff comes out on WordPress? Other than the odd little twitches when writing a draft post, I've not had any problems with Bloggers overall.


  5. I deleted my blog earlier this week lol :0My interests have changed s bit. Not really changed, but the focus has definitely been on other things and I don't think the writing community I've been around will be as receptive. Anyway, it's amazing you've been at this for seven years!! Congrats 🙂


  6. I will say that I switched to MacBook last year and I've heard they last for 5 years or longer, which will be nice! The hardware definitely seems sturdier and the hard drive doesn't get bogged down by updates for multiple pieces of hardware like Windows computers do.


  7. Aww, well, granted you haven't had time to update it much lately. Since this blog doesn't really have a specific focus, I write about whatever I want. The caveat is that if I don't have anything to write about, it doesn't happen.


  8. Michelle–I'm so excited to have you as part of the anthology. Having read your novella, I know you'll bring something great to it. I recently upgraded my own technology…wasn't cheap…but was totally worth it.


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