Update + WWI Poetry

I haven’t been on my computer very much lately because the stupid thing has reached its expiration date. The hinge is broken, so the screen is trying desperately to detach, the spacebar sticks (makes it so hard to type properly), and now the battery is dead and won’t recharge!

C’est la machinery! It’s okay, guys. Everything’s backed up and there will be a new computer on the horizon quite soon. I’m holding off on actual writing until then.

I just finished reading a collection of WWI letters called Letters From a Lost Generation: First World War Letters of Vera Brittain and Four Friends. If you’re at all interested in World War One, you must read this. I’ll post more in depth about Vera Brittain when I’ve finished Testament of Youth, her memoir, but in short, Vera was a literary-minded young woman with a younger brother, Edward. Vera fell in love with Edward’s school friend Roland Leighton and the two became engaged. Vera also was friends with two more of Edward’s friends, Victor Richardson and Geoffrey Thurlow. All of the men died in the war. Vera was a V.A.D nurse during the war.

Because it’s a collection of letters, you get to read these peoples’ voices in their writing. Their personalities shine through. It reminded me a great deal of the book I read a few years on Tolkien and his time in the war.

But anyway. Vera was something of a poet and so was Roland. So here are some of their poems:

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