Victoria, Ursula, and Beatrice

I recently began rewriting the Victorian novel that I started forming ideas for in 2014, according to the notebook I use to jot down notes for that story. As usual, in the intervening time, there have been changes to the idea.

In 2014, I wanted to write it as half Victorian and half contemporary. I drafted it like that during NaNo 2014 and kept trying to improve the little bit of the book I had.

As of 2016, the contemporary half is out. Ceases to exist. ‘Bye ‘bye.

Instead, I’ve decided to go with my strong suit: historical. The story will take place entirely in the 1890s–from about 1893 to about 1897 or 1898. But instead of the focus being entirely on my protagonist, Victoria Ponsonby-Courtney, I decided to bring in the point of views of her cousin, Lady Beatrice, and her sister-in-law, Ursula.

No, Ursula isn’t purple. Or an octopus. But she might as well be to Victoria.


It’s going to be a very different story to Pearl–it won’t be as racially diverse but I hope to be able to write about women’s issues back then.

Victoria, unable to find a husband, decides to indulge her love of acting and singing into a theater career, even though it’s kind of scandalous.

Beatrice is very studious and wants to go Cambridge or Oxford. Even though ladies at the time were allowed to attend, it wasn’t widespread by any means and they weren’t allowed to actually earn degrees.

Ursula is an American girl who marries Victoria’s cousin and Bea’s brother Conrad. She’s a Buccaneer as we’d call them now or a Dollar Princess, but Ursula marries someone she doesn’t know very well and then is pretty well stuck living in a foreign country with its weird class and etiquette rules.

And she’s not purple or an octopus, though I think I named her Ursula because Victoria doesn’t like her.

6 thoughts on “Victoria, Ursula, and Beatrice

  1. I love purple Ursula! Lol! I'm glad you found a good focus for the story! I think Ursula's point of view will be really interesting. They're all very different people. They'll fit in a novel together well. ^_^


  2. Any chance to use a Disney GIF, Krystal. Seriously. :-)Beatrice would be Belle. Victoria…I'm not sure yet. Anyway, they're all different people but they're all in the same family hehehe. Nicole never came with a basic personality, so already, this is an improvement.


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