Happy 7th Birthday, Sunflower’s Scribbles!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday, dear blooo-oogg…

Happy Birthday To You!

So, seven feels like a pretty momentous number of years to be blathering on about nothing on the Internet.

Of course, in that time I’ve gone from posting Book the First to making all the lurches and adjustments as a writer as you write one project, then the next, then next…joining groups and forums, making writing friends, researching, learning, having critique partners, querying, self-publishing, writing a short story for an anthology…

Last year, I had a bit of a slow-down in terms of blogging ideas. I think of blogging as an extension of writing fiction in some ways and as completely separate in other ways; it’s a great way to explore different aspects of writing fiction and also the perfect vehicle to write about whatever the heck I want.

So who knows what I’ll feel compelled to blog about in 2016?

I was looking through some papers this past week and I came across something I wrote in college ten years ago.

Yes, that’s my awful handwriting. Let me translate:

January 29, ’06

Rei’s sitting on the end of the bed, wearing a T-shirt that says I Heart NY and pink, polka-dotted pajama bottoms. She sits upright at the foot of her bed, hands gripping the rail. Her intense, nearsighted stare is on the TV, barely eighteen inches away. Her mouth opens and a loud gasp escapes. Then a litany of words: “Holy shit! What are you doing, you idiot?” The one-sided conversation continues for the next hour. Most people would say she’s completely lost her mind. Perhaps she has. But in fact, the girl does this sort of thing ever week–Wednesday, 9 PM–in the exact same position. It’s almost religious in the way she does it, with the zeal of a religious convert. Sitting so close to the TV, she couldn’t possibly miss anything. And no one in the TV can hear her yell. But she doesn’t care. When “Lost” is on, she forgets everything else in the world. 

Reading it, I’d say, yeah, that’s my voice all right. Or at least, my “blogging voice,” whatever that is, and yes, I really did watch “Lost” like that. This particular thing was for creative non-fiction class.

Which, if you think about it, is the perfect training ground for a future blogger who doesn’t entirely want to write only about “professional things.”

It was also the class, if I recall correctly, where I met Jess, who copyedited “Pearl.”

So–in ten years, in seven years–look what comes around!

Also, you may have noticed that the web address redirected! After 7 years, I thought I’d retire http://www.sunflowerrei.blogspot.com and put in for http://www.michelleathy.com, my own domain.

12 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday, Sunflower’s Scribbles!

  1. What's this?! A new domain?!! Awesome. ^_^I have to say, I really like your piece of non-fiction! It's so good. I got really into it. Lol! Of course, I tried to read your handwriting first. :PHAPPY 7 YEARS!! *dumps bucket of confetti on the blog* ^_^


  2. Yes, new domain. I'm debating whether to move the blog and expand it into a fuller website or keep it here, but either way, I have the domain name now to do that.It's the only piece I saved from that class, I think. The blog thanks you for your birthday wishes!!


  3. I'm not sure yet if I will move the blog, but maybe? I want to investigate around a little bit. It's been a good 7 years here, but I thought it was time to retire Sunflowerrei and actually be myself!It's funny reading things you wrote way back when, isn't it?


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