The Thing That Turned Me: An Anthology

For the past few months, I've been posting teasers and giving hints about the upcoming anthology, The Thing That Turned Me, and my short story contribution to it.Well, I'll tell you! "The Disappearance of Miss Mary Dawkins" (quite a long title for a short story) is part of the backstory from my shelved-and-scrapped novel The … Continue reading The Thing That Turned Me: An Anthology

Japanese Holidays

I was reading a post on writing friend Michelle Tran's blog┬ásome time ago. She talked about celebrating Lunar New Year and how she wanted to incorporate more of the Vietnamese traditions she grew up with to celebrate the holiday.Which got me thinking about Japanese holidays or traditions that I've celebrated since I was a child. … Continue reading Japanese Holidays

11 Books Read

This year, for my Goodreads reading challenge, I am aiming for 44 books, so I'll be doing my lists in increments of 11. I just finished book 11 of the year five minutes ago (it was a hardcover, coffee table-type not exactly a huge challenge to read), so here we go!Also, I'm actually writing … Continue reading 11 Books Read