The Volcano

When I was six years old, I climbed a volcano.I should probably explain that. When I was six, my mom and her parents and I took a two-week-long trip to Japan. It was my first time there. Among the many stops we made were to visit my grandfather's family in Shimabara, which is here on … Continue reading The Volcano

IWSG: Shared Story Worlds

It's IWSG Wednesday! This is April's post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, founded by Alex J. Cavanagh, so we can release our writerly insecurities into the ether.Two of my favorite historical romance writers released new books this week. Julia Quinn's Because of Miss Bridgerton is a prequel to her Bridgeton Family series, eight books about eight … Continue reading IWSG: Shared Story Worlds

Sunday Snippet

I'm working on a newish story ( that is, a much more fun angle to a story idea I've had in my head for two years now). I also wanted to write a blog post, but didn't really have a particular topic in mind. Thus, you're getting a snippet!At the stroke of the hour, Beatrice left the schoolroom … Continue reading Sunday Snippet