This post is for IWSG’s May posting. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group was founded by ninja Alex J. Cavanagh and posts their writerly insecurities out into the world every first Wednesday of the month.

The climax. The turning point. The hinge. The whole point of the story.

For the longest time, I couldn’t seem to make my stories get to a satisfying point. I could identify it in other stories, but in mine, they fell flat. Maybe it was because I’m not much of a plotter?

Nope. It’s because I wasn’t thinking of my stories in terms of conflict. I was just sort of writing, going “la-di-da, this is conflict.” It wasn’t, obviously, or else the dang story would’ve actually turned or hinged or whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes I still worry about my plotting abilities. Is the story actually building towards something? Will the pay-off be worth it?

14 thoughts on “Plotting

  1. I'm usually worried about the execution of said plot and conflict. I don't it to be too easy, you know. Or too complicated. Or contrived. Or lame. Or too sudden. The list goes on. >.< But it's still so much fun!


  2. I worry about plotting a lot, and I have multiple walls in my house devoted to visual representations of the plot so I can see where the story's been, and where it's going. But most of the time, I still feel like i'm just doing the \”la-di-da, this is conflict.\” thing you mentioned.


  3. I'm such a pantser. I just write and the story comes. Until chapter 8 (or thereabouts). Then I have to figure what's next. By then, I pretty much know my characters, their faults, conflicts, etc. At that point, I have to plot, if only in my head. Better on paper (or computer). I hope this all works out for you. Best wishes.


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