Guest Post: Lori MacLaughlin on Creating Unforgettable Characters

Hey everyone! Today we have a guest post--Lori MacLaughlin, who is here to tell us about her book, Trouble By Any Other Name!Creating Unforgettable CharactersThanks so much, Michelle, for hosting me!!Fantasy is my favorite genre. I love to get lost in imaginary worlds of sword and sorcery or in familiar worlds with supernatural twists. No … Continue reading Guest Post: Lori MacLaughlin on Creating Unforgettable Characters

How Death Records Can Help Your Family tree

I appointed myself the family historian a few years ago and I've been searching records online in hopes of building a decent family shrub, at least, if not a tree.A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how actual historical records could potentially inspire a historical fiction. In that same post, I talked a little about … Continue reading How Death Records Can Help Your Family tree

22 Books Read

I am now halfway through my reading challenge goal for the year--just in time for the halfway point of the year :-)Here's what I've read since March, when I finished book 11:12. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. Non-fiction/Inspirational/Art/Writing. 4 stars.13. Never Let Me Go by Kazoo Ishiguro. Fiction/Science Fiction/Dystopian/Literary. 3 stars.14. … Continue reading 22 Books Read

IWSG: More Writing, Less Internet

This is my IWSG post for June. The Insecure Writer's Support Group posts every first Wednesday of the month, airing our writing insecurities to the world. Founded by Alex J. Cavanagh, our co-hosts for June are: Murees Dupe, Alexia Chamberlynn, Chemist Ken, and Heather Gardner! I have been unusually balanced with the writing of the current project draft I'm working on. … Continue reading IWSG: More Writing, Less Internet