Real Historical Figure Alert

I knew going in to this Victorian project that I wanted my characters to come across a few cameo appearances by real historical figures. They’re not just popping in and out of the woodwork for no reason, but the truth is, Victoria, Ursula, and to a lesser extent Beatrice, would and could have met various people, both famous and not famous, of the 1890s because they move in high circles.

None of them are major or even minor characters, but they will be interacting with my fictional characters. I’ve never written people who actually existed into a historical story of mine before. They only got name-dropped before, you know?

And the first Real Historical Person walked into a scene on page 115.

Prince Victor Duleep Singh from

His name is Prince Victor Duleep Singh, an acquaintance of Victoria’s, and in real life, he was the son of Maharaja Duleep Singh of the Punjab. Born and raised in England, Victor was a godson of Queen Victoria’s, brother to Sophia Duleep Singh (she who later became a suffragette), captain in the British Army, inveterate gambler, friend to Edward the Prince of Wales and the Earl of Carnarvon who financed and explored the Valley of the Kings with Howard Carter, leading to the discovery of King Tut’s tomb.

Prince Victor and Victoria have a little chat after a small musical evening they’ve both been invited to, wherein the prince has invited Victoria to call on his sisters, who are now living in Hampton Court Palace, and he introduces an old army comrade, Captain Chambers, to her.

Will Captain Chambers be a suitable suitor for Victoria?
Will Victoria call on the princesses at Kensington?
How much does Victoria remember about her formative childhood years living in India?

2 thoughts on “Real Historical Figure Alert

  1. Ooh, Victoria lived in India for a bit? Reminds me of \”A Little Princess.\” AND they're both orphans! ^_^I've never had anyone real show up in any of my stories, of course. Lol! That would be wild.YES! Captain Chambers is a great name for a suitor? 😀


  2. Victoria was born in India and was sent to England after her father died when she was six. Her mother's still alive, but she lives in India and she and Victoria haven't seen each other since Victoria was sent back. Also, it was weird to type Victor and Victoria in the same scene. Don't think I'll be doing that any time soon again. Captain Chambers. Yeah. We'll see if they, uh, suit.


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