I have hit the 45,000-word mark on this first draft of my as-yet very untitled work.

This is significant because I’m estimating that 45K is about the halfway point.


I’ve finally stopped being a perfectionist on this thing and started a revisions document, so I can note down the things I want to change when I get to revisions, so then I’m just a-typin’ along.

45K might seem like a lot of words to be only halfway through a novel draft, but this is historical fiction (well, women’s historical fiction? Women’s fiction? Whatever). Historical fiction is usually somewhere in the 90,000 to 110,000-word range and sometimes is as long as 120,000 words.

I think 90K is about the limit of this particular story. And after some of the unnecessary drama of the past few days, it’s time to move on and celebrate getting to the halfway mark.


8 thoughts on “45K

  1. YAY! Celebrations!! *throws confetti* I'm so glad the drama is over, and in even better news, you're on the home stretch!! Definitely time for celebratory dancing. LOL! ^_^ Those historicals can get pretty long, can't they? I always have a good time though. šŸ™‚


  2. Congrats on getting that far! I always find the first half the hardest to get down. I think my inner editor gets tired/frustrated and tends to grumble in the corner more so I can just write. You can do the rest–go get those words!


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