It’s #IndieAuthorDay

Today is Indie Author Day!

There were events at libraries across the country talking about indie publishing and since I’m so far an indie-published author, I thought I’d talk a bit about independent publishing.

“Independent from what?” Some ask.

When I was studying publishing in college and grad school, independent publishing wasn’t even something we talked about and justifiably so, since this was before the Kindle. The large publishing houses are big corporations. They are mostly trade publishers. Trade publishers publish in the established ways.

Smaller, independent publishers also publish in the established model, but they’re often tiny–sometimes they’re more niche, sometimes they’re more cutting edge than the bigger publishing houses (because they need to be to keep competitive in the market). Sometimes they’re associated with larger companies (like the many publishing arms of Amazon or Smashwords or another things).

So when we say “indie author,” it can mean an author published by a small press or one who is self-published.

Here are some of my favorite indie-published books:

The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas is a pretty well-established historical romance, YA fantasy, and soon-to-be mystery author, but The Hidden Blade is one of my favorites of hers–the first in the Heart of Blade duology, Thomas self-published this novel about a Chinese girl trained in martial arts and an English boy who leaves home, following his beloved former tutor.

Zero Sum Game by SL Huang

SL Huang writes smart, funny action-adventure thrillers based around the amoral-but-with-a-heart mercenary Cas Russell, who has the unusual power of being able to do all kinds of math very quickly.  Russell’s Attic currently has five books in the series, but Zero Sum Game is the first.

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

The Duchess War is the first novel in the Brothers Sinister series, which I’ve glommed through this year. They are Victorian-set historical romances and Milan really knows how to write kick-ass, smart,  analytical, dynamic heroines–not one is a damsel in distress or too stupid to live.

Collecting The Constellations by Emily Steers

Take a smart, independent, curious woman. Add in a handsome sidekick, lots of adventure, and a very mysterious sapphire knife. It all adds up to a really fun mystery and adventure tale.

Tidewater by Libbie Hawker
Libbie Hawker is a historical fiction author who is mostly self-published. Tidewater, which is about Pocahontas and the Jamestown colony, was published by Lake Union Publishing, an imprint of Amazon publishing.

2 thoughts on “It’s #IndieAuthorDay

  1. Oh, that's cool! I didn't know there was an indie author day. I didnt even know Tidewater was published by Amazon. I didn't have a publishing major at my school. Not that I would have majored in it, but I would have liked a class or two on it. They really only talked about magazines and anthologies in the writing classes.


  2. I think indie author day is new–and yeah, Tidewater was published by Lake Union, which turned out to be affiliated with Amazon. I was a publishing grad student–and I took a few publishing-related classes in college, which I think is rare.


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