2016: A Year in Blog

Well. That was quite a year, wasn’t it? Was it the worst year ever, as some have asserted? Hell no. One-third of us haven’t died of plague, so I suppose we’re still doing better than the Middle Ages.

Well, my biggest writing news of the year has to be the benighted anthology which did not happen, but lead to me self-publishing again–this time, a short story called “When Mary Left.” In addition, I decided to take Pearl out of Kindle Select and make her release wider. So far, wider release isn’t yielding all that many results, but you never know. There’s a big ebook world outside of Amazon and I’m keeping Pearl there.

I attempted NaNo, wrote one short story, and decided to pack it in. I’ll figure out what to do with that short story come the New Year.

2016 was definitely the year of distraction for me: on the one hand, there were starts and stops of writing and research on my Victorian novel, which is definitely “on” again. On the other hand, there was endless distraction in the form of the Internet, then the election, and just life in general. But after finding some cool series to watch on Netflix (specifically, I mean The Crown, Medici: Masters of Florence, and Versailles), reading a lot this year (more on that below), and taking a lot of creative inspiration (Libbie Hawker and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer of Hamilton, to name a few), I think I’m coming back around to feeling more creative again. Maybe I needed to nourish myself creatively for a bit?

I have a vague plan of novellas and short stories to write and edit over the next few months–the ones I wanted to get drafted during NaNo–in addition to finally finishing Victoria’s story in 2017, fingers crossed.

I finished my 44 book reading challenge.

There were 4 guest posts on this blog this year, including a college friend’s first published novel. I look forward to more in 2017!

Oh, yeah, and I turned 30 this year.

Thanks to Jessica for the t-shirt!

4 thoughts on “2016: A Year in Blog

  1. I'm not chalking this up as the worst year either. Writing seems never to be a smooth business, but you made the best of it so kudos for that! Congrats on finishing your book challenge and I like the T-shirt. On to 2017!


  2. Yes, 30!! ^_^ 30s are the greatest, so I hear. I've been happy so far. I don't know what so many people have been gripping about either. But I had a really good year. It wasn't perfect, but nothing ever is. I think sometimes we just need to take some time off and fill the creative well. It's always worth it. ^_^Have a great weekend! Happy New Year!!


  3. Lol Are the 30s the greatest? They gotta be better than the 20s!I think I needed some time to absorb/recover from the election, prep for the holidays, figure out my new schedule and routine, and figure out what I wanted to write, in addition to filling the creative well.


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