The Con Where It Happens: BroadwayCon 2017

Y'all, apparently it's not normal to memorize and regurgitate lyrics to multiple musical theater songs, even ones you haven't heard in a couple of years.Or as my friend said to me today while we were roaming the Jacob Javits Center, "You didn't even miss a beat on 'Satisfied.' How does that happen?"2017's BroadwayCon was held … Continue reading The Con Where It Happens: BroadwayCon 2017


Louis the Sun King. From Impressive Magazine.I think I mentioned that I watched sesaon 1 of Versailles, a French-produced show (though everything's in English and most of the actors are British), not too long ago. My best friend then watched it and wanted to know if "all those people really died or not."So here's a … Continue reading Versailles