Women’s March NYC 2017

Today, two friends and I arrived in Manhattan around noon, walked downtown about ten blocks, and participated in a historic day: the day of the Women’s March and the various sister marches all over the world.

1st Avenue and 47th Street

The funniest thing about waiting to get into the plaza: there’s a Trump Hotel on that corner!

At one point, a young girl stood at her hotel window and jumped up and down waved at the crowd. At another point, we noticed a guy hanging a sign under his apartment window and leaning out way too far to take pictures.

Guys, don’t lean out of high apartment windows, please.

See the Schuyler Sisters signs? Photo credit: Nali

Once on 2nd Avenue, we turned downtown and the pace picked up a bit. Our chants began to fill the air: “My body! My choice!” (For the men in the crowd: “Her body! Her choice!”), “Tell me what democracy looks like!” “This is what democracy looks like!”

We turned onto 42nd Street and walked crosstown. The crowd thickened and slowed the closer we got to Grand Central Terminal. We saw more signs–so many signs and so creative. We were part of this mass of humanity walking through Manhattan, but the energy was really good. There weren’t any crazies or rage or anger in the crowd; it was a peaceful, focused crowd.

We walked by the Chrysler Building.

At Grand Central, we looked up and saw people standing outside the terminal and we all did the same chant. It echoed as we walked under the bridge.

We got to 5th Avenue. Fifth Avenue took a good long while. The crowd was thick and there were police barricades on either side, so we were channeled onto the road. We marched closer and closer to the evil castle–Trump Tower–which looms over Fiftth Avenue.

We were stopped at 55th Street and we had to disperse either west or east, but before we left completely, the march got in a cathartic “New York hates you! New York hates you!” and “We are the popular vote!”

I’ve done a few protest marches, but they were back in college. I’ve never been in one in my hometown and definitely not in one this large. The fact that it was worldwide is astounding.

I’m seeing a bunch of pictures from all over the country, from friends who attended various marches, and on Twitter, from people posting pictures of their local gatherings.

The best thing? As far as I know, it all went off peacefully. And there was so much diversity in the crowd: plenty of men, lots of kids, different races, ages, languages, abilities, sexual orientations.

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9 thoughts on “Women’s March NYC 2017

  1. Wow, so many people! I've never need more proof that I live in a box. I had no idea this was going on. This sounds like it was pretty cool to be a part of. I've never participated a march before. I was in Boston several years ago with my sister, and we saw some women holding up protest signs in the rain. It was so awesome. They were very peaceful about it.


  2. The estimate was that NYC's march was around 400K people. There were tons more following behind us and people joined the march at different spots as well. And no arrests! I think there was a sister march in Nashville as well.


  3. I guess I missed all the excitement while recovering from our cruise. Not that I mind. Truthfully, I'm rather frustrated by all the ridiculousness that has come out of this election and I wish it would just go away for now and let people live. Especially all the hype on social media. Enough already!


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