IWSG April

It’s April! It should be more spring-like around here, but it’s been rainy and kind of cold instead. It’s time to get back to whatever it was I was writing before I went to Japan for ten days, which means back to that Regency romance thing I was writing.

That is, I’ll get back on that once I’m more fully back on Eastern Standard time. I’m almost there, but a two-day migraine didn’t help things, and I’m getting up at weird times because I’m hungry at odd times of the day.

This month’s IWSG question is:

Have you taken advantage of the annual A to Z Challenge in terms of marketing, networking, publicity for your book? What were the results?

In short, no. I’ve never done the A to Z Challenge and I don’t see myself doing it–I’ve thought of possible themes and I could probably do it if I applied myself to the idea of the A to Z, but after so many days straight of blogging, I would actually get tired of my own blogging voice.

Plus, since I barely have time to visit the many blogs I follow now, I don’t think I could read and visit all the blogs during the challenge. After all, I’m not blogging as a business venture and I don’t only blog about topics related to whatever I’m writing.

13 thoughts on “IWSG April

  1. I do another blog hop and saw post about the A to Z thing. I tried to read up on it, and it does seem like a daunting undertaking. Too much already on my plate this year but might consider it next year. Hope you get readjusted to the time zone here and bummer on the headaches. 😦 Those are never any fun.


  2. You know, I almost wonder if the day and age when we had to travel slowly across the globe wasn't a tender mercy–so people could slowly adapt to the time change. I wishing you back into your routine quickly!


  3. I'm finally back on New York time, thank goodness, though I'm still going to bed earlier than usual, which isn't a bad thing :-)Jetlag is a modern thing, for sure, and nobody knows how to cure it except time and patience.


  4. The blog visits are what killed me when I did A-Z. It was fun, but I never had enough time. Glad to hear you're slowly adjusting from the trip. Guess you're having fridge raids at night 🙂


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