Opening Lines

Not very long ago, writing buddy Krystal wrote a post with the opening lines of her older writings and they were raw and often hilarious.Recently, as I've been going on a cleaning binge, I piled a lot of writing-related stuff in one place.(Note: should I ever warrant it, those things would probably comprise "my papers.")It's … Continue reading Opening Lines

Reasons Why I’m Changing Things in My Draft: A List

Reasons why I duplicated my draft document and decided to change a few very essential things when I was already over 24, 000 words:1. Somewhere around two thousand words ago, I noticed that my characters, Jane Windham and Miles Keegan--who, mind you, are the couple in this quasi-historical romance or historical fiction with romantic elements--were … Continue reading Reasons Why I’m Changing Things in My Draft: A List


It's the first Wednesday of July and that means IWSG time! Woot-Woot! I hope the Americans in the crowd had a good Independence Day. You can check out the IWSG here!Let me see--insecurities. 1) Why am I such a slow writer? I'm at 23K on my draft, I've realized it's not  a historical romance but … Continue reading IWSG July