IWSG: September

It is IWSG time again. On to this month’s question:

Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?

I’m half convinced that writing is meant to be surprising. For example, when a character reveals something to you in a scene that you didn’t expect. Or when a new character walks on and takes over the whole show.

So yeah, I’ve been surprised by my writing. Writing historical was not that surprising; I love reading it, it’s what I gravitate towards, so it seemed a natural evolution to get stuck in writing it. Even now as I’m writing a historical romance or historical fiction with romantic elements (Which way will it swing? It’s a subtle difference, but that’ll be a surprise!), it feels like a huge leap to write something romancey for me, but it probably isn’t, since I read quite a bit of historical romance.

But ghost stories? So not me. I’m a scaredy cat. Horror is not even remotely my genre. And yet, somehow, “Haunted Lake” came pouring out of me because there’s something intriguing about a real lake called Haunted Lake that begs to be written.

And now I want to write more horror or supernatural-like short stories, so we’ll see what happens.

11 thoughts on “IWSG: September

  1. YES!! Supernatural short story collection!! ^_^ LOL! I love being surprised! I think writing something romancey definitely counts as a leap. Those seemingly small elements are so much bigger than they seem.


  2. Go get those short stories! They sound like fun. It's true, writing always surprises. It's amazing which unexpected twists and turns it takes no matter how much we thought we plotted things out in the beginning.


  3. I wouldn't go *that* far yet, but I have some ideas that are leaning in that direction and another idea where I only have an era and a setting, but no characters yet, that I started researching.


  4. Congrats on finding a new genre that makes you happy. I started out writing sci-fi romances then a romantic suspense now cozy mysteries. I love them all. Having enough time to write one in each is the challenge.


  5. So, are you going to attempt a romantic ghost story? That'd be a cool mash-up! I try not to get too hung up on trying to classify what I write into any particular genre. If I ever write anything that gets published (not including self-publishing because then the author is in full control of it all), I assume that the house will decide for me which genre category the story best fits. Anyway, sorry for the lateness of this comment. I'm brand new to IWSG and am making my way slowly through all the participants' posts to get the flavor of how this all works. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and happy writing to you! 🙂


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