It’s time for IWSG–the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. We post our writerly insecurities and release them to the world on the first Wednesday of every month. Check us out here.

This month’s question: What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

I’m in the midst of exploring other genres right now, actually. I have a few ideas for some creepy dark short stories (because I had fun writing “Haunted Lake”) and I’m working on the beginnings of a contemporary romance series.

But up until now, I guess I’ve mostly written somewhere in the historical genre. 

What do I love about the historical genre? I love reading about history in the form of a story–because that’s when history comes alive for me. I love learning through the eyes of characters. I like all the nerdy details that come with historicals, even if I’m taking a break from historical fiction for a bit.

12 thoughts on “IWSG Feb

  1. Exploring other genres is great. Every writer should do the same.Why you love to write historical fiction is why I love to read it. I love to learn about another time and different people as I read.


  2. I'll second that. I was sharing a whole bunch of fun facts and details from history with my brother the other day. He was surprised and enjoyed learning about it, but admitted he hates research. For real? That's crazy sauce!


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