Lobby Hero on Broadway

Hey y’all! I must tell you briefly about an outing I had with my two besties, my usual Broadway partners-in-crime. I think this is my first Broadway show of the year, in fact–and it’s kind of a different one, since Lobby Hero is a play and not a musical. Written by Oscar winning screenwriter Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea), Lobby Hero also marks the Broadway debut of Chris Evans aka Captain America aka one of the Men I Google-Stalk the most often. 
Gah! He was on stage and everything, guys. 
The play also stars Michael Cera, Brian Tyree Henry, and Bel Powley. Basically, it takes place in a Manhattan apartment building’s lobby, where Michael Cera’s character is a graveyard shift security guard/doorman and subordinate to Brian Tyree Henry’s character. Bel Powley is a rookie New York City cop and her partner is the older and somewhat shifty Bill, played by Chris Evans. 
In brief, the play was hilarious–Michael Cera has really good comic timing–and the way the four characters played off each other was energetic. But the play gets into much deeper territory: what is the truth? Do you always have to tell the exact truth? What if you’re protecting a loved one? What if the truth will protect you? Does the truth set you free? And what does being a cop or in any other uniform do to someone’s personality?
It was seriously interesting and I think the audience was pretty into it. It was definitely a younger audience than we usually see for a theater crowd (by younger, I mean a lot of the people around us were about our age range–somewhere in the mid-twenties to mid-thirties). So, Evans plays kind of a douchebag and during one of his more douchier moments, a woman in the audience gasped and was like, “Oh, no, no.” In fact, I think there was a collective revulsion from the women in the audience as a whole during that part. 
Okay, so, there’s a certain matter of a mustache. That is, Chris Evans has a mustache for this role and we nicknamed it the 80s Pornstache. But it kind of works for this character? I mean, he’s not a particularly nice fella. Also, we’d heard that he was doing a New York accent for the part which immediately made me cringe inside because I hate listening to actors attempt New York accents because “dey nevah fuckin’ soun’ ri’.”
Digression: By age 13, I had a pretty thick Queens accent (only NYCers will claim that there are differences between Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens accents…but there are subtle differences) which I then spent most of my teen years trying to lessen. Thankfully, I’ve lost it. 
…Back to the topic at hand: Chris Evans’ accent was noticeable but it didn’t bother me, actually. The sounds sounded familiar and he is playing a police officer and New York cops tend toward really thick New York accents. 
Also, as this was Evans’ Broadway debut, I was just hoping that the play was good and that he would be good in it–and he was! Yay! Lobby Hero is on a limited run, but I hope Chris will come back to Broadway in the future!

2 thoughts on “Lobby Hero on Broadway

  1. I would be excited to see Captain America in person!! I’m so happy to hear it was good! I love it when big actors go to broadway and do a good job. 🙂 Lucky for us in the south, southern accents are easy to mimick. I still get offended though. Lol! We don’t all talk like that!


  2. It was really cool! He didn't look like Captain America at all, which really made a difference. Aren't there different kinds of Southern accents? I just have this visceral cringe mode when I hear really thick, nasal New York accents on TV.


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